How to Double the Results of Your Marketing Efforts

How to Double the Results of Your Marketing Efforts


The global acceptability of social media and the increase in the number of social media platforms has changed the face of the internet. It has also changed the way people spread information and do business.

As an entrepreneur, social media is an indispensable tool for your business. You won’t find a better tool – at least for now – for sharing information about your products and services, networking and socializing with other entrepreneurs, and for increasing your online visibility, traffic, and sales.

Unfortunately, despite having expended much time and effort on their social media campaigns, many business owners are yet to get meaningful results. This is simply because they’re not doing some things right. Others, on the other hand, are getting results, but they still aren’t satisfied with what they’ve been getting.

Are you a business owner who wants to make the most out of social media? Here are some powerful tactics that will help multiply the results of your marketing efforts.

1.     Use as many platforms as possible

Even though it’s the largest of the social media platforms. Facebook alone may not bring all the results you desire from social media marketing. So, you must be present on all other major platforms, such as Twitter, ,Google plus, LinkedIn, blog commenting and which is my top traffic source this year alone.

By spreading out your efforts over many platforms, you’ll get better results and you’ll grow your business faster.

2.     Offer valuable content

Posting valuable, problem-solving content on your blog and social media accounts is the easiest way to take your business global. People love practical solutions to problems, and they’re ready to help share any content that gives these.

If you keep posting “salesy” content that seeks to promote your business in a way that is far from subtle, people will ignore and won’t share such.

So, focus on giving out valuable content; make this the bulk of your social media broadcasts. But don’t forget to market your business in a subtle way within or after the content. Also, note that the content you share must be related to your business, or else…you’ll be marketing for someone else.

3.     Encourage your readers to share

Even if readers find your content helpful, most of them won’t share it. Why? Because you didn’t encourage them to do that. Most readers have many tasks on their hands; they’re not likely to give sharing a thought after reading your content.

Therefore, at the end of each of your posts, always add a subtle “call-to-action” statement, encouraging them to share it via their respective social media accounts.

To make this easy for them, always add social media buttons at the end of every post on your blog and at the top of each page.

 4.     Join groups

Sometimes, your own social media profiles alone may not do enough to help spread word of your business. That’s when you need some support, and you’ll get this by joining groups.

On each social media platform, search for groups that have your potential customers as members. Join those groups and start sharing valuable information with the members – without forgetting to market your business in a subtle style.

This technique is very effective, and it will help increase your customers like crazy.

 5.     Pay some bucks, if necessary

In order to increase your followers on the various social media platforms, you may need to pay for some advertisement. Not only will this method help to spread word about your business and profile; it will help attract more followers who are most likely to become customers.

There are various ways to advertise on social media platforms. You could use Facebook ads and expose your business to millions of Facebook users globally. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Google’s platform by using Google Adwords.

Now that you’ve discovered five techniques for making social media work better for you, act now, and adopt these techniques. At first, some of them may seem ineffective, but they’re sure to make you glad in the end, with the great results they’ll bring.

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Published by Valentine Belonwu

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  1. Sapna · January 13, 2013

    HI Valentine

    When one starts the business it’s really better to be on every possible social media platform or try every possible platform, but as one matures he should start applying the filters and focus on the most effective platform.

    Thanks for sharing this great information.


    • admin · January 14, 2013

      Hi Sapna,
      I agree with you, we must try and be with other social media to see the once that works best for us, then we can decide to choose the best one for our business.

      Thanks for your awesome comment

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