5 Bitter Realities Every Success-Bound Entrepreneur Must Be Ready to Face

5 Bitter Realities Every Success-Bound Entrepreneur Must Be Ready to Face


You think your business idea will turn you into a five-figure earner within a few weeks? You really need to stop dreaming because here’s the ugly truth…

Starting and running a business – even a small one – is not rosy. And if you’ve read stories of many successful entrepreneurs, you’d surely have gotten one thing clear – running a business is full of ups and downs.

Now, let’s go into more detail. Here are five unfriendly realities that you must be ready to face if you really want to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Don’t expect it to be rosy from the start

Definitely! The onset of every business is usually the most trying period. You’ll have to keep investing everything necessary – time, money, energy, ideas, etc. Yet, you get nothing in return. What could be more discouraging?

To achieve success however, you must never tire. Rather, keep focused. Always think of where you expect to see your business in a few years time, and this will encourage you to pay the required price.

2. Recessions are inevitable

If you ask most entrepreneurs what they dread the most, they’ll tell you “recessions”. During these hard times, running your business effectively will become very hard. But your expertise as an entrepreneur should come to play, for your business to sail through.

Smart entrepreneurs are always ready for recessions that may threaten their businesses. So, they prepare well enough to help their businesses resist the adverse effects of any recession.

3. Competition will emerge

Yes, rivals will copy your business idea and concept – if you’re the original owner. They may even improve on your ideas, snatching your customers in the process.

When this happens, you must take drastic steps to jump ahead of competition. If you don’t, then your rivals will force your business out of existence in no time.

This means that every entrepreneur must be ready to forge ahead when competition becomes very stiff.

4. Seemingly great ideas may fail

An idea may strike you – a great one. You may have polished it repeatedly. To you, it may even be absolutely perfect – fine-tuned to produce magical results for your business.

The truth is, this “great” idea may still fail. Yes, and you won’t just know why!

So, ideas, when they come, are meant to be experimented with. Only when they work should you concentrate more on them.

But always remember, some seemingly great ideas will fail. When this happens, always think of more ideas that are potent.

5. Business is a risk

Though you’ll hate this fact the most, it’s the plain truth! There’s no guarantee that your business will thrive – not even after you’ve planned it excellently.

Many businesses have failed – for both known and unknown reasons. And not even the most effective revival tactics could save them.

So, know that your business too may fail. But never give up easily when it starts to crash. Fight back until you can fight no more.

Now, you know the challenges that every entrepreneur must be ready to face – in order to succeed. You may be lucky not to face them all. But you’ll surely face some of them. The most important thing, however, is for you to be well prepared so that you’ll save your business whenever you confront any of these harsh realities.

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  1. D. Dixon · January 22, 2013

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m in for a penny, in for a pound. I figure, there’s plenty of competition out there but what I find is that if your just keep getting up…that’s already half the battle. Been through enough in life to just expect that things will be tough! Thanks for the reality check, Valentine

    • admin · January 22, 2013

      Hi Dixon,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your awesome comment. I agree with you. You know many people need to be ready to face any trials that will come their way through blogging.

      I hope this post will help some upcoming once.


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