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5 Distinct Qualities Every Entrepreneur Must Possess To Survive in This Era

5 Distinct Qualities Every Entrepreneur Must Possess To Survive in This Era


No matter what your line of business is, truth is, there are hundreds – at least – of other entrepreneurs operating the same business. And unexpectedly, they’re all competing with you for the same customers.

Another great cause for concern is the ever-changing nature of the face of small businesses. This is due to various factors such as new trends, recessions, and so on.

Every smart entrepreneur must device plans to weather any storm that may emerge due to changing trends. This is the only way to keep your business going strong.

To help your business stand firm under all circumstances, you must possess five great qualities. These make the difference between the smart entrepreneur and others. They include:

1. Continuous learning

To be a master at any venture, you must look into how the “big boys” in that venture are playing their game. Never stop learning from successful entrepreneurs. Also, spy on how they run their businesses. This way, you’ll keep learning great tips that can help strengthen your business.

And no, it’s not enough to just read about or spy on their tactics. Implement! That’s how to make what you’ve learnt work magically for you.

Every smart entrepreneur must learn voraciously, take necessary action immediately, and never stop learning.

2. Vigilance

No matter how sudden a recession emerges, truth is, some “keen-eyed” business owners are always aware when one looms. No, they’ve not adopted any magic. They simply studied certain market trends and indicators.

Every business line has applicable to it, certain indicators of coming recessions. Find out such indicators for your own business and keep an eye on them.

Of course, recessions affect most businesses because it catches them unawares. So, by studying market indicators carefully and religiously, your business won’t be hit by an economic downturn.

3. Mobility in operation

You don’t have to get to your office before responding to customers’ emails. You shouldn’t wait until you start up your PC before preparing invoices or checking if your expenses still lie well within budget.

Stop operating business like we’re still in the yester-decades. Use mobile devices to keep your business abreast of time. With smart phones and tablets, you can respond to customers’ emails promptly. And with some powerful business management apps on these devices, running your business even when you’re away becomes possible.

4. Constant brainstorming

Every great idea is a product of some brainstorming. As a business entrepreneur, it’s not enough to rely upon ideas you’ve learnt from others. Always think of innovative ways to keep your business strong.

It won’t hurt if you set aside some minutes daily for some deep brainstorming. Look at the current state of your business and think of how you can improve it. Write down whatever idea strikes you – it may just be all you need to take your business to the next level.

5. Adoption of online and offline strategies

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the face of business globally. And with the emergence of powerful marketing concepts like social media and search engine marketing, nothing seems to beat the internet to being the best marketing medium.

However, never abandon offline marketing. You never can tell, intensifying your offline marketing efforts may bring better results – for your own business.

So, it pays to try both online and offline marketing platforms to see which works better.

To keep your business going in this era of stiff competition and unfriendly market trends, you should have all these qualities. Hold on to them, and very soon, you’ll remain at the top of your game.

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Published by Valentine Belonwu

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  1. Kabenlah Cudjoe · January 28, 2013

    Continuous learning is fundamental but in this age of overloaded information, one really ahs to be discerning when consuming information.

  2. Patricia Weber · January 28, 2013

    Great list. Vigilance is at the top for me. Also, I’d like to add, get quiet. As I was ready your terrific suggestions I realized that often when we just take the time to, get quiet, those others pieces fall into place more easily. Thanks for the post!

    • admin · January 29, 2013

      Exactly Patricia, I think being quite plays a big roles in our lives isn’t it?, Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  3. Madinah · January 30, 2013

    The continous learning is definitely my favorite even though I also agree with the other ones. You can’t go wrong with increasing knowledge. There’s always something new to learn everyday; and the more we learn, the more we increase our skills and awareness.

    Thank you for sharing!

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