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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is a Great Strategy

5 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is a Great Strategy


While running your business, you’ll need certain tasks handled on occasion. Not tasks like calculating your income and expenditure – your accountant comes in handy there. And not tasks like handling and treating customer requests and queries. Of course, you must have full time employees for those.

But when it comes to tasks like designing your business website, coding a custom accounting application for your business, or writing flawless, engaging, and compelling content for your business website, I’m sure you’ll need to hire a third party. And that’s what outsourcing is.

Or, tell me, would you hire a new full-time employee for a task that only surfaces once or twice in a year? I’m dead sure you won’t.

But, aside saving additional labor cost, there are many other benefits of outsourcing  special tasks to third party contractors. Here are five such benefits:

1. You will Save Costs On New Infrastructure

Given you’re to hire a full-time website designer for instance, you’ll need additional office space and furniture, a new computer set, an extension of your internet bandwidth, and so on.

You’ll save on all these by simply hiring a third-party designer who’ll work from wherever (you don’t care, as long as he delivers quality service).

2. You will Focus On Core Functions

So you’re very versatile, you can design a website and code applications yourself? That’s great! Now, would you busy yourself with that, when many customer requests are lying on your table, begging for attention? Wouldn’t that be a misplacement of priorities?

But when you outsource the task, you’ll focus on your main functions in your business while a third-party expert handles the “distraction”.

3. Outsourced Tasks Are Handled Quickly and Perfectly too

Do you know why? A freelance website designer, for instance, does nothing other than design websites. He’s been handling the same task several times for years, he uses the best and most modern tools, and he’s gathered much experience. So he’ll most likely handle the task to your absolute satisfaction.

And not only that, but also because they’re experts- freelancers are very quick at delivering results. So, even if you think you can design a website yourself, an expert third party contractor will do the same within a much shorter time.

4. You’ll Get Better Results

A well-designed website will appeal to visitors and engage them more than a poorly designed one. So, it’s sure to bring better results – more customers. But you’ll only get that when an expert handles the designing for you, exploiting his talent and expertise.

This applies to any special task worth handling – application coding, sales copy or web content writing, and whatnot.

5. You’ll be Saved In Case A Calamity Strikes

Imagine this. You’ve decided to design the company website yourself. Sadly, after the design phase, just before the website goes live, the computer hard disk crashes. And you’ve not backed up the files on another drive.

The truth is, your design is gone, and your time and effort, both wasted. It’s really sad.

However, most freelancers save copies of client assignments to show as portfolio samples. So a website designer would readily send you a saved copy of the design should you lose your copy.

While many other advantages  abound, you’ve just learned five major benefits of outsourcing special tasks to third party contractors.

Though outsourcing has its cons, its pros predominate, always. And with some caution, you won’t be hit badly. So, worry no more over special tasks. Hire a third-party expert for a few bucks, and you’ll get a great output that will bring great results.

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  1. Juan Castillo · February 14, 2013

    In most cases I try to do things for myself, so I learn more and I formed myself, too. It is clear that sometimes we need the help of an expert, and I hired an expert when I needed one. Great article.

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