How to Overcome Timidity in Life and Business

How to Overcome Timidity in Life and Business


So you know that Timidity has to do with shyness and fear; not being able to embrace that which you wanted to as at when apt. Perhaps what you didn’t know was that timidity could make you end up at the back burner.

No timid person ever goes far in life.Rather they ended up languishing in their comfort zone all because of the fear to reach for that which they never aspired to reach.

There are business owners who watch their startups go down the drain, just because of the inability to act.

 Have you ever paused to wonder what makes the smart and confident entrepreneurs tick?

Certainly, those who are timid live in their complacent world, never aiming or seeing the big picture that life offers. On the other hand successful entrepreneurs, great men and women that have walked the face of planet earth know that complacency takes them nowhere. They know that acting and pursuing their dreams and goals with great tenacity can never be watered down.

Here below are some steps that you could apply. Use these principles and watch success become your companion.

1. Taking Action Is The Antidote of Fear

That’s right! If you sit around and wallow in your fear then nothing will ever change. Lift a finger. Speak a word. Do something, no matter how small it might seem to you and watch how courage will be infused into your being to do even more.

Never leave the major decisions you have to make to your employees. You call the shots and so you must be at the helms of affair. Retreating might be disastrous.

Practice they say makes perfect. Consequently as you take these actions, with time you would be able to overcome timidity and fear.

2. Stand tall

Never demean yourself and what you truly represent in life. When you do, you end up allowing timidity and fear pitches its tent with you forever.

Irrespective of anything, learn to speak confidently, act confidently and walk confidently. Put a smile on your face and watch timidity leave.

3. Replace self-pity with an attitude of gratitude

Reflect on the positive things that have happened to you; rather than the negative things. The more you wallow in self pity you drain yourself of energy that could have been worthwhile for other meaningful things.

Count your blessings and stop whining. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. Let the attention shift from you to others. Help others achieve their dreams and successes and you will see how bold you gradually become.

4. Find your passion

This is one of the best ways to overcome timidity and shyness. What are those things that interest you? That particular thing you find great fulfillment in doing, is a great indicator that if you channel your energy into it, you will find inner boldness and peace.

Let’s assume that you have always wished to own a printing press; begin to work towards it. It might take a while, but trust me when it eventually does come to fruition, you will find that it sure does pays to be bold.

Get ready because it is time to chase that ‘enemy called timidity’ out.

You have all what it takes to be the very best in whatever you do. You have the keys in your hands. Make that decision today and see how success beckons.

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Published by Valentine Belonwu

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  1. Neamat Tawadrous · February 28, 2013

    Hi Valentine,

    Awesome! I really enjoyed reading this post to the last word. It kept me interested the whole time.

    I love the four principles you mentioned about overcoming Timidity and specially #3 stands out for me. Once you reach an understanding about yourself and how to identify your Fear of who you are, it gets easier to open up and let others recognize who you are. The rejection from others often starts with us and the rejection we give ourselves. We can cause ourselves a lot of pain when we reject ourselves. In other words, once you accept yourself, you open the door for others to accept you more easily.

    Thanks Valentine for such a great post.

    Be Blessed,


    • Valentine Belonwu · March 4, 2013

      Hi Neamat,
      I know this is coming late but I must do what I love doing best :), I just want to thank you for your amazing support and I’m glad you liked this post.

      Hope to see more of you here.

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