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Get Customers Addicted to Your Brand- 20 Ways to Do It

Get Customers Addicted to Your Brand- 20 Ways to Do It


Addiction isn’t only about the negative things like, drugs, women, sex and what have you. Addiction can also stem from the very positive things. Thus getting customers addicted to your brand is something that must never be trivialized.

As an entrepreneur, you must work round the clock in ensuring that your brand is such that would get people glued to it.

The tips below are powerful ones, that if imbibed can launch you out as one of the fortune 500 companies in no time.

1. Underpromise and Over deliver

If you strive hard to exceed your customers expectations,they are likely going to be committed to your brand for life. Go the extra mile to please your customers at all cost.

2. Empathy and Sincerity Will Work Wonders for You

Develop a close rapport with your clients by identifying and understanding what your customers feelings are. Clients want to be sure you are humane; and so doing this will in no time get them glued to your brand.

3. Treat All Customers As Important

Getting your clients to be loyal to your brand means you have to make them feel very important. This is so because the desire to be important is man’s most pressing non biological hunger. In other words, people just love to feel important. Don’t you?

4. Profile Customers and Treat Them as Individuals

Profiling your customers enables you to know their special dates like; birthdays and anniversary. You can go the extra mile by also giving surprise gifts to them on these special dates.

5. Get Them Involved

Get them involved in the process of building your brand . When you seek the input of your customers, they will feel a sense of ownership and as such become loyal.

6. Reward Your Customer

Rewarding your customers should be something you do at all time. Doing this will get them more addicted to your brand as well as help win more customers.

7. Introduce Promotions

Learn to introduce promotions from time to time. Doing this will not only make them tap into the freebies you have for them, but also opens you up for new customers to patronize.

8. Be Genuinely Interested

Be genuinely interested in your customers. When you do this, you will be amazed at the addicted customers you would have had in just a short period of showing genuine interest.

9. Adopt a Spirit of Excellence

Everyone wants to identify with an excellent brand. Always give nothing short of an excellence touch, and you can be sure of getting long term customers.

10. Always Be Of Good Cheer

An ancient Chinese proverb says “A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. You and members of your team must always wear a smile on your face when interacting with clients.

11. Serve Your Community

Serve your community through various events. Get your brand to sponsor these events.  This not only puts your name out there, but it also shows that you care. Before you know it, you will get people addicted to your brand.

12. Advertise At All Times

When you are always in the face of your customers, they are likely going to get used to your by-words and in turn get addicted to your brand. Make it a point of duty not to water down your advertising prowess. Just ensure that you use an advertising method that works for your business.

13.Make sure to keep your product simple and focused

Let the means of advertisement you adopt speak volume of what your products does. Keep it simple and focused. Customers are after what they can benefit from your product.

14. Keep rates low

Try as much as lies within your power to keep the prices of your products reasonable. You must bear in mind that it isn’t all cut throat priced products that really satisfy customers. Customers can get the best of your product even when the rates are low.

15. Be a Hard Worker

People like it when they know that the company behind their favourite brand is a tenacious one. Therefore you must continue to work really hard to continue to yield great results for your customers to see.

16. Love Research

Be an ardent researcher. Look for ways at all times to make your brand better. The results you achieve through this exercise will automatically cause your customers to always ask for your product.

17. Welcome Complaints

Show some level of maturity in how you handle the complaints of your existing customers. While it could be annoying, depending on the kind of complaints you get, it is important to treat them with wisdom.

18. Accept Criticism

Welcome with open arms your Customer’s criticism. This is so because you are able to ride on what is not working for them, to getting new and better ways to serve them.

19. Be Approachable

Be assessable at all times. Let your customers also know that you will be willing to listen to whatever they have to say at all times. When this is in place, they will be willing to entrust you with the loyalty of being addicted to your product.

20. Spell What They Have To Gain from You

Make your mission statement known to them. Infact, at any slightest opportunity, rub-in that which your brand intends to do for them. This way they know what you stand for and they won’t compromise being loyal.

As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”, and I dare add that an addictive lifestyle of practice with the above tips would lead to perfect success.

Success of whatever magnitude is achievable only when you consciously put in place adequate measures. These tips are powerful measures to follow through, if you want your customers to be addicted to your brand.

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