Can You Donate a Large Boat?

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You want to donate a boat to charity because you know it’s a smart move that benefits everyone involved, as the charity will receive the sale’s proceeds and you will receive a tax write-off. You knowthat it’s possible to donate a small or moderately sized boat, but what if you have a large boat (such as a houseboat) that you would like to donate?

It is still possible to donate many types of large boats, but there are procedures you need to go through first. Larger boats are more complicated to donate than smaller boats because they are harder to move. Read on to find out more about the process of donating a large boat.

Donating a Houseboat

Some boats are quite substantial in size, such as a houseboat that is 50 or 60 feet long. This type of boat cannot be picked up with a trailer and easily moved from place to place. If you have a large boat, donating it can be a little bit more complicated.

Your large boat will need to be donated where it is and it will also need to be surveyed for possible damage, leakage to the hull or malfunctions in the engine. It should also be checked for mold damage, leaking roofs and damaged windows. You need to have a compete inspection of the boat performed before you donate it.

If your large boat is located near a major waterway, it might be possible to donate the boat and then have someone else remove it via this waterway.

Donating a Fishing Boat

What if you own a commercial fishing vessel and you have retired from professional fishing? Perhaps you used your boat to take people on day-trip fishing excursions and you are closing up the business and retiring the boat from service.Can you donate your old fishing boat?

It is possible to donate this type of boat, but you need to (again) have the boat surveyed to establish the value of the donation and whether or not you will be able to move it. A boat of this size should not be moved before checking the hull is still sound and the engines are working.

Donating Older Sailboats and Wooden Boats

If you own a large older sailboat, perhaps a model that is 35 to 40 feet long, it can be expensive to maintain. Perhaps you have decided you don’t use your sailboat enough to justify owning it and you would rather donate it. This is possible, but you will need to follow the correct procedure.

Before donating your old sailboat or wooden boats, you need to check the masts and keels that they are safe and secure. If you have a wooden boat, check the bottom of the hull for barnacles, gaps, mold and caulking which could cause your boat to sink during an attempt to move it. The safest way to donate an older wooden boat is when it is in dry-dock.

As you can see, donating a larger boat might be more challenging than donating a small or medium-sized boat, but it still can be done. Do some research and find a charity that will accept your large vessel. Make the necessary arrangements to get the boat donated. When the process is complete, everyone will benefit. You receive a tax write-off which will save you money and the charity receives your boat, helping them to achieve their objectives.

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About the author: Larry Winters is a life-long boat enthusiast and contributing writer. He believes if you can donate a boat to charity and help out a good cause, it benefits everyone involved visit for more information.

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