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Why You Should Quit Your Job and Start Up Right Now

Why You Should Quit Your Job and Start Up Right Now

Ok I am going to leave my day job next month. And that next month never comes. Well, this is not something new and of course, I am well aware of the fact that quitting day job is tough, really tough. It is not just about facing financial uncertainties, there are other things too face as well. For say, you are going to miss the official chitchats, paid leave, medical insurances and other facilities.

But as the economy is showing no signs of recovery and as the unemployment rate in the US is still high, you have to seriously think about ‘calling it a day’ in your office and try to shine as an entrepreneur. And believe me given the sorry state of the economy, it is the perfect time to jump the gun and emerge as an entrepreneur.

Still hesitating, okay let me give you 4 strong reasons to show you why it is the perfect time to quit your job and concentrate on start-up:

Mate You are a Born Genius, Just Not Aware of it
I have personally met hundreds of people who seem to be seriously considering to open a start-up but they lack the confidence. They are made to believe that they are born to work their tails off 9 to 5 until they retire gracefully. But believe me, you deserve more than this and you have in it. All you have to do is to believe in you. Do not let negativity hold you back because you deserve more than this.


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However, it is fact that when you will emerge as a successful entrepreneur, you will be treated differently. You will not be treated like a new kid with loads of potential rather people will be looking forward to you to get new ideas and they may share their problems so that you can offer some kind of solid suggestions. This is the kind of transition that you might have to face, but believe me you are going to enjoy every bit of it.

You Can Change the World, Maybe
What if Bill Gates had thought it otherwise; never ventured to follow the dream that he has cherished or what if Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to join a big corporate organization? Well the world would have been much different then, right? Of course, but it was not an easy decision from their part to leave the comfort of a day job and go for something daring and unpredictable. But they did and they succeeded. And you know why did they succeed? Yes they believed that they are going to change the world and yes, they have changed the world.


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So, never ever underestimate your dream. It may appear ludicrous, insane and crazy to people but if you have faith in you, you will surely emerge as victorious no matter what. So stick to your plan and if you do believe that you have a great plan that can change the world, just do not disservice to the society by not following your dream.

Do Not Think About The Past
Well, I can understand that you might have been thinking that it would have been better if you could manage to open your start-up a bit earlier. Forget about that. Since we are all human beings, we will make mistakes. Just accept the fact and then move on. Do not regret for the past decisions because it will not serve any purpose apart from weighing you down. Do not make this thing happen to you.

Believe in the fact that you simply cannot be a successful person unless you make some mistakes. Mistakes make us perfect; we gain valuable experience from them and therefore, never ever feel sad about those past mistakes. Take them a part of the job and move on.


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Help Will be Always be There for Who Deserve It
You might feel alone, but you take the plunge to be an entrepreneur, help will be pouring it from all sides. However, you need to seek help as well. There is no shame to ask guidance from the same niche and from those people who have already succeeded in their career. Try to get some details about the hardest part of the job and all that and you will be okay.

This article is contributed by Michael Evans, who is a passionate writer and social media analysts. In his spare time, he loves helping small business organizations expand their online presence.

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