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How to run your online business anytime, anywhere

How to run your online business anytime, anywhere

The unprecedented growth in the field of technology has equipped new age entrepreneurs to work without having a physicall address. In fact, your job involve doing something online like developing a software application, writing news articles or optimizing websites, you simply do not need a brick and mortar place to call it an office. You can code, write a few paragraphs or attend a meeting virtually without putting a step out of the comfort of your home. Yeah, this is what technology has become. But things get a bit complicate when you have to work as a team. Now, do not press the panic button. We have got technology on our side, no need to worry about. All you have to do is to get some cool ideas implemented and we will be good:

Invest Judiciously

Since you are planning to run an office without having a physical office, you have to go extra mile and have to ensure that you have got all the necessary technologies at your disposal otherwise, productivity might suffer as a consequence. And while investing on technologies and software applications, you have to think logically. You simply cannot buy all of them, simply because you feel like you need them. Figure out which items are essential. Of course, you need to have an extra laptop in case you may run out of power. But what about buying a tablet? It is fun to browse things in it but it is not that much great to type and do some real work. SO, think twice before making an investment on equipment.

Get the right Software

It seems small business owners are allergic to buying software applications that could have changed the way their company works. For say, I am a big fan of DropBox. It gives you option to store files on Cloud and you can share folders privately with people. But there is a restriction on storage capacity. So, if you believe that if you can upgrade your DropBox account, it could have played vital role in increasing productivity, you should go for it. However, you should not be splurging money on fancy apps. Spend money on only those apps that do add to your productivity.

Get Perfect Location

The main problem of not having a physical address is that when your clients want to meet you before giving you new projects, you will find yourself in troubled water. I hope you will definitely not thinking about inviting him to your home because this could be messy. You can simply get this thing straight by simply asking him to meet you in a coffee shop nearby and I hope he would not mind. However, if you consider this a bad idea, you can always lease a conference room for a couple of hours. I hope that is cool with you.

Have Office Supplies Ready

It looks really clumsy if you are to hand over a bunch of papers which are not clipped. So, it makes sense that you have some common office supplies at your disposal whenever you go so that you do not find yourself in embarrassing situation all the time.

Follow Schedule

You have to realize the fact that you have decided to run a business of your own because you love freedom more than your work. So, rather than sticking to laptop screen 24×7, you have to follow a strict a working schedule. If you are not enjoying the flexibility of working from home, there is no point in working from home at all.

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