20 Reasons Why Employers Fail To Manage Well

20 Reasons Why Employers Fail To Manage Well


Why really do employers fail at managing their businesses? Could it be that being an entrepreneur is a herculean task, or could they be missing out on some vital principles that should be in place?

However you look at it, being able to manage successfully your business depends solely on your style of management. Here are 20 ways you must never manage your venture.

1. No Room to Know Employees Well

Some employers stop working to know their employees by failing to develop a relationship with them. This is a key factor in managing. You must know what’s happening in their lives because this will make you a better manager. One who is more responsive to employee needs, moods, and life cycle events.

2. Failure to provide clear direction

Not creating standards by giving your team clear expectations so they know what they are supposed to do, is a minus. Every entrepreneur needs to achieve an appropriate balance that allows for them to lead employees and provide direction without dictating and destroying employee empowerment and employee engagement.

3. Lack of Trust

If you don’t trust people to do their jobs, it can be injurious in ways. Treating people as if they are untrustworthy – watching them, tracking them, admonishing them for every slight failing – because a few people are untrustworthy, deals a detrimental blow on your business.

4. Fail to listen to and help employees Achieve the Best

When employees feel heard out and listened to, they feel important and respected. You will have much more information when you daily open the flood gates. Active listening is a critical management skill . Lack of it is a ‘no-no’ when business management is involved.

5. When You Fail To Applaud Employees

When you do not notice and recognize employees when they take positive initiatives, you create room for bad management. If you want to see this positive behavior again, you need to notice and thank employees when they make an extra effort or do something that needed to be done without being asked.

6. Focus Exclusively On Employee Mistakes

Criticism causes compliance and resentment on the part of employees. When you focus on the bad part you drain them mentally and psychologically. Focusing on the mistake and shortcomings of your employees will never bring out the best in them. Rather it would cause them never to be at their best.

7. Lack of Organizational Direction

Leadership should convey consistent messages about company goals and performance. When you lack the guts to teach your employees about the company’s big picture, they may not understand tasks or assignments. Employees can also fail to perform jobs correctly if they get inconsistent directions about assignments and tasks.

8.Not Being team Player

When you do not encourage employees to work together by recognizing and rewarding group accomplishments, you are at the risk of not yielding results. This personality conflict amongst teammates or supervisors can limit employees’ ability to succeed on a new job.

9.Improper Equipment

Your business can fail if your team doesn’t have the right tools and equipment to do their jobs well. Seasoned employers know that they have to put old equipment in good working order so that tasks can be accomplished. If your business has nothing to do with huge physical equipment, then you can easily relate this to creating new business systems (whatever they may be) that work.

10.Insufficient Training

Generally, employee performance is only as good as the training your company offers. When you as an employer fail to provide training, or hands-on instruction, for your team, expect nothing but poor results. You must make sure they perform protocols correctly.

11. Not treating all employees equally

You don’t necessarily have to treat every employee the same, but they must feel as if they receive equal treatment. The perception that you have pet employees or that you play favorites will undermine your efforts to manage people. This perception destroys teamwork and underminesproductivity and success.

12. Failing to Find a Project for the Talent that Ignites Their Passion.

Some employees feel bad when they aren’t asked if they’re working and enjoying their current projects or if they want to work on something new that they’re really interested in which would help the company. Top talent isn’t driven by money and power, but by the opportunity to be a part of something huge, that will change the world, and for which they are really passionate.

13. Not being friends with employees who report to you

Not having a warm and supportive relationship with employees who report to you is bad in itself.  You will have difficulty if you are too serious with your employees. A little friendship here and there, will work wonders in bringing you close to your team.

14.Entrepreneurs often fail because they execute poorly

A common characteristic of entrepreneur is that they are often more creative – as such, they come up with great ideas for businesses — than they are organized and detail-oriented. Hence not having an eye for details can bring about a bad consequence on your business generally.

15. Profits before Prospects

I believe that the number one reason companies fail is because they put profits ahead of their clients. Customer Service is a lost art in many industries. Without clients, you have no profits. Customers want value and service. Bottom line, you are very successful because we care about our clients’ success.

16. Not Having Regard for Time

They say ‘Time is money’, indeed; but some entrepreneurs still have a lackadaisical attitude at time. When you do not regard time, do not expect to grow. Your inability to utilize your time positively can cause a great failure in business management if care isn’t taken.

17. Customers Build Companies

Too many people build companies for themselves. Your company is not for you. It is for your customer.  Without your customer your business cannot exist. If you learn how to remove yourself and your business from your ego and think in terms of the best way to serve your customer, you will effortlessly create the solutions and do the things that allow you to build more meaningful experiences with and for them.

18. Make Marketing Your Master

Why Entrepreneurs Fail: Marketing and sales are the only activities in any business that generate revenue. Everything else (with the possible exception of innovation) is merely expense. Therefore, particularly in the formative stages of a new enterprise, failure to invest every possible penny into those critical cash-generating initiatives puts your business in peril. Remember there are but 3 ways to make more money: get more customers, get them to spend more when they buy, and get them to buy more often.

19. Not Keeping Records

Without record-keeping, you as the business owner will have no idea how much money the business is earning or losing. Keeping track of income and expenses then analyzing the results on a regular basis is essential for the success of any business.

20. Ignoring Pareto’s Principle

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80-20 rule, shows that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Often this seems more like a 95-5 rule.  Business owners are especially guilty of ignoring this – we might spend our days answering calls, checking email, running errands, etc. These things make us feel busy, creating a false sense of productivity that ultimately leads to failure.

As you read the above, did you fit into the ‘bad manager’ role, or were you nodding with approval about having followed through on the principles stated? Whichever side of the divide you fall into, know that managing your business isn’t solely your responsibility. Those you bring on board will speak volume of the outcome of your business.

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