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20 Reasons To Be Rugged With Marketing

20 Reasons To Be Rugged With Marketing


Billboards, newspaper ads, television jingles, web promos are all common scenes in marketing. Marketing is a way of life and permeates every aspect of life. Little wonder marketing has become a science of its own.

Marketing has become such a great influence; no longer is anything or anyone accepted without it. Understanding the secrets of why marketing is such a great influence will help you become more rugged with marketing.

Here below are 20 reasons you must be rugged with selling your products.

1. To Establish Brand Recognition

The primary and most important benefit of marketing is brand recognition. Marketing strategies help to impress a brand in the minds of customers. This ensures that customers seek a particular brand of a product, rather than the brand seeking out its customers.

2. To Gain and retain customers

Once a brand has gained its ground and established its customers, marketing enables it to keep hold of its customers. This is essential so that the brand does not lose ground to products that newly come into the market.

3. To Identify real customers

Marketing strategies allow a business to identify prospective and actual customers. Instead of trying to force a product or service on unwilling customers, marketing helps to target customers who have the real need.

4. To Provide information

Marketing a product is the best way to provide information about it. The salient features of a product or service is what is used to market the product. It is this same information that will attract customers towards the product. Knowing a brand better ensures that customers will come to trust it better.

5. To save time

Marketing, and more so, effective marketing will help reduce the break-even period of a business. By promoting a product or service through effective marketing, a business can promote its sales and reach its intended clientele faster.

6. To Establish Trust

Repeated and effective marketing ensures that a product remains in the minds of its intended customers. This in the longer run would help in establishing brand trust, which would make customers choose the product irrespective of competition. Trust is created over a long period of time and marketing is an effective way in establishing it.

7. To Encourage referrals

Rigorous marketing encourages new customers to seek information about the brand. By making a product seen and heard frequently, a business also increases the chances of word-of-mouth referrals. The chances of suggesting an often-seen product is higher when compared to something that you do not see frequently or are unaware of.

8. To Tackle Issues

The various means of marketing a product can also act as a means of clearing inhibitions or misunderstandings about the quality or nature of a product or service. Often, marketing can become an effective tool in clarifying false impressions relating to a brand. This is one aspect of your business that you wouldn’t want to delay for anything. Here, being rugged is not an option.

9. To Cause More Focused Production

By making customer needs a primary focus, you will more likely develop products that match up with the needs of the customers. This means customers will experience more satisfaction with the product, which ultimately increases the likelihood of repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

10. To Cause Concentrated Strategy

Yet another reason for adopting the marketing concept is that you will have all functions aligned with the strategic vision of meeting the needs of customers. This helps define the role of employees more clearly. Marketers must perform diligent research to uncover needs and convey messages that explain benefits.

11. For Marketing Advantages

When you have a good understanding of what the market needs or wants, you have better ability to market effectively to people. Marketers research the market well to understand not only what is needed, but how to convey messages that clarify how their products align with those needs. Familiarity with the market allows you to build emotionally impacting appeals into ads and generate more business.

12. For Long-Term Profitability

Consistently understanding and delivering what the marketplace wants leads to long-term profitability. You can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, with an ultimate goal of developing many loyal customers. Loyal customers buy more frequently and in larger volumes. They are also less susceptible to competition and more willing to pay higher prices.

13. To Reach Your Potential Customers

Effective marketing allows a business to reach its potential customers by fulfilling their needs at the right time. But, however effective or efficient a marketing strategy is, the success of a business will depend on the quality of the product or service it offers. Therefore, only a quality product marketed in the appropriate manner through an effective channel to reach its potential customers at the right time can achieve success.

14.To HelpDefine the brand

This is a very important element of the marketing plan because without it, a business wouldn’t last long. They would be exhausted. Hence a rugged marketing plan by defining your brand means knowing what you are selling and to whom you’re selling it to. In other words, it also helps you to define your audience. Without knowing who to market to, business owners can lose valuable time.

15. To keep Your Brand Alive

Some brands have died a natural death due to some measures that were not put in place. Rugged marketing is important because it helps keep your brand alive. The more you advertise your product, the more ‘in your face’ your product becomes. This makes it difficult for it to be forgotten.

16. So That You Can Continue In Business

The results you achieve through being a rugged marketer will always be positive. Hence you cannot achieve a positive result with your sales and be out of business. So, one of the reasons to continue to sell your brand is so that you continue as an entrepreneur.

17. To Expand The Scope Of Your Business

How rugged you are with your products determines how far it will be known. This means that if you go far into different locations, it also means your product will go far with you. This makes your product known by all and sundry.

18. To Increase Your Contact

Rigorous marketing helps you meet a whole lot of people. You are on the winning team because you increase your network, and increasing your network makes it possible to sell more of your product.

19. To Avoid Bankruptcy

The more you market and sell your product, the more income you get. When there is constant cash flow, it becomes difficult to go bankrupt. Bankruptcy  is what causes companies to fold up unexpectedly.

20. To Advertise Your Brand

Looking for fresh ways to make your brand known is part of the reasons you market. Hence a rugged marketing will expose your product to the larger market.

Bottom line is that if you want to reap the dividends of marketing, you must be willing to do the extraordinary. And what is that extraordinary thing to be done? It is rugged and rigorous marketing.

The more you practice it, the more people won’t be able to do without your brand. Make it a priortity, and see how successful you become.

Published by Valentine Belonwu

My name is Valentine, founder of this site, an entrepreneur working as a moderator at Bizsugar a small business community news site. Connect with me on Google+ at Valetine Belonwu


  1. Liudas · April 6, 2013

    A great list of why you should do marketing 🙂

  2. Leadgenix · May 17, 2013

    Creating, developing, and promoting a brand is key to a successful marketing strategy. Brands are not just cool logos or names, but its an identity that people connect with emotionally. Nike for example instills emotions of competitiveness and victory. You feel like an athlete and a winner when you wear the Nike brand. Special K instills a sense of health and sisterhood in women. Women who buy Special K do it for health reasons and often to help support their community through breast cancer awareness and other campaigns. Brands are the future of marketing.

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