Mobile workforce management solutions: a technology you may be missing out on

Mobile workforce management solutions: a technology you may be missing out on


Mobile phone technology is one of the fastest-growing elements of the business world. More and more companies are turning to mobile apps for at least a portion of their business activity because of mobile’s convenience—unlike a desktop PC, mobile devices can be carried anywhere and are small enough to fit into your pocket tuck into your briefcase.

Today’s smartphones are so much more than just cell phones. They’re more like computers that have been scaled down to the size of a cell phone. If your business has not yet taken to mobile workforce management solutions, then you may be missing out on new technologies that could drastically improve your staff’s productivity and efficiency.

Some of the benefits of mobile workforce management

Mobile workforce management makes many tasks possible that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish on the road. Delays in scheduling, for instance, can be vastly reduced by the creation of minute-by-minute views of all field activity. Other time-consuming aspects of business activity that can be saved by going mobile include:

  • Paperwork—The dream of the “paperless office” that ergonomists have been talking about for some time is now close to becoming a reality as more and more data is stored on mobile devices.
  • Travel time—Mobile phones can provide GPS and GIS (Geographic Information System), showing you the most efficient routes to your destinations. . This reduction in travel time enables professionals to spend more time on critical tasks.
  • Maintenance costs and job turnaround—Mobile workforce management software streamlines processes, ensuring essential tasks are done right the first time. Spending valuable time reworking tasks is a waste of valuable resources and can impact the bottom line, employee morale and motivation.

There are also several areas of workforce management that reveal improvement with mobile technology, including accurate allocation of each job to the most qualified individuals and automatic allocation of the appropriate time and resources to each task. Scheduling and optimization are other areas demonstrating marked improvement upon implementation of mobile workforce management solutions.

Features to look for in mobile workforce management software

If you’re ready to make the leap to the world of mobile workforce management, there are a number of solutions on the market. But there are a few essential features you should look for to ensure maximum functionality.

  • Scalability. ClickSoftware service management software, for instance, is fully scalable. You’re not paying for resources and features you don’t need, while you have access to a complete set of benefits you can utilize whenever necessary.
  • Full offline capabilities. ClickSoftware mobile workforce management offers the ability to complete tasks even without an Internet connection and simply synchronize data when a connection is available. This feature is ideal for service workers who travel to remote locations but need to document customer information or other data on the job.
  • Customizable solutions. The ClickAppStore features a full set of available applications which can be combined and configured for a completely customizable set of tools to meet the needs of any enterprise.
  • Enhanced compatibility. If your enterprise uses a BYOD policy, you need a mobile workforce management solution compatible with various devices. ClickSoftware’s solutions are based on HTML5, ensuring compatibility with the latest devices.
  • Integrated functionality. Mobile workforce management should be integrated across the enterprise, ensuring the seamless transmission of data and communications across teams and locations.
  • Usability. You shouldn’t have to be a developer or coder to use mobile workforce management solutions. Drag-and-drop functionality and usability for all levels of employees across the enterprise are essential features.

“Going mobile” is the way to take your company to the next level of success. Implementing a mobile workforce management solution leads to the ability to provide better, more efficient services, resulting in smoother operations, improved service delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

About the author: Robert Stanley is a content producer at’s mobile workforce management software and solutions a company which also offers a variety of resources on capacity planning and mobile business apps.
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