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20 Ways Never To Run Your Business

20 Ways Never To Run Your Business


Have you heard the saying ‘businesses come, and businesses go, but those that last are those who will learn the ropes of running their business wisely’? If you are on the mission to achieve failure in business, then these great steps will be of tremendous help.

Just like steps to success is habitual with practice, so is failure. Learning the ropes of success or failure isn’t as hard as you think. All that is required of you is to determine you are ready to take the necessary steps towards it and in a matter of time you would have achieved it.

Here are 20 ways you must never run your business.

 1. Skip Going to the Office Every Day

Being away from the office because of trivial reasons, and not keeping to a schedule to be in your work place every day is one way never to run your business. Handling every new day, opportunity and your business with levity is a killer too.

2. Never Create Deadlines or Stick With Them

Failure to create and follow deadlines will leave you working with nothing in view. When you do not create deadlines for your tasks or projects you give room for work to drag.

3. Allow Distraction

Entertaining what keeps you from being productive is a fast way to kill a business. Allowing things that eat into the major chunk of your time like, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and the TV. This definite concentration killer can work best for you if your mission is to fold up too soon.

4. Never Do Research

Never engaging in a research exercise           to get ways to be better at what you do will keep you redundant. Lack of research makes you to be left behind, even when the trends are changing in your industry.

5. Hire Loafers

If success isn’t uttermost on your mind, hire incapable hands to help you run your business. Let those who have had the track records of failing at more projects help drive your brand. Hiring loafers will definitely help you reach rock bottom.

6. Never Invest In Your Employees

Do not give room for your team to be developed. Cancel the ideas to send them on trainings as well as seminars that could develop them personally and otherwise.

7. Do Not Advertise

Make no effort to promote your brand   and what you do. Leave your brand to the chance that someone someday might bump into it and then begin to patronize. Banners, posters, flyers and other potent means of selling your brand should never be adopted.

8. Lack of Vision

The entrepreneur on the path to doom is the one that will never think of tomorrow. If you cannot literally see yourself and your business far into the future beyond today, then you are on the path to destruction.

9. Be Extravagant and Wasteful

Have no regard for money and how you spend it. Waste a lot of money and allocate funds unnecessarily even when there isn’t need for it. Plus pay workers even when they have done nothing to earn a salary.

10. Owe Your Employees

Never be prompt with paying salaries. Decide to withhold your employees’ salaries to your satisfaction. Also deciding to pay yours in part, instead of in full will put you in their bad book.

9. Do Not Be Proud Your Brand

Being unsure with your brand and all that you stand for is one sure way to cause the natural death of your business. When you aren’t confident about your brand, you must not expect for it to grow and improve.

10. No Reward System

Everyone likes it when they are rewarded. So to scare customers away, you must never have a reward system. Do not appreciate customers as well as your team for the good patronage and job they are doing.

11. Be Negative Minded

Positivity is what business is all about. To lose your business, allow negativity creep into all that you do. Never be optimistic that only the best results can happen to you.

12. Quit At Slightest Opportunities

As you trudge along the road of business success you will hit obstacles. Quitting at the slightest opportunity when challenges come your way will boost failure faster than you could ever imagine.

13. Have an Unorganized Environment

Leave the work environment dirty, cluttered with trash. Allowing a foul odour into the office and allowing customers inhale the odour is a big business killer.

14. Be Wicked and Inhuman

Treat your team very harshly by calling them terrible names at all times. Never allow them a moment of rest. Bombard them with work like a slave driver and see how you lose them.

15. Hire and Fire Always

Give them the impression that you call the shots and can fire or hire whomever you want to. Terminate all contracts with your employees every three months and you will see the poor results that would be achieved in your business.

16. Fail at Your Promises

Never stick to the promises you make to your customers and employees. At any slightest opportunity, be willing to make excuses over why you must never keep to your fidelity as an entrepreneur.

17. Tie the Success of Your business with your own strength

Believe that the best way for success is a hard day’s job. Therefore decide to over work yourself without delegating duties so that you alone can take all the credit. Rely on your strength to succeed. Decide that if your effort is not available, your business can’t be up and running.

18. Neglect to set goals and plans for yourself and Business

Despite much being said and written about goals and plans being necessary for success as an entrepreneur, neglect it. Avoid being goal driven and goal oriented. Neither visualize your goals nor write them down to the achievement of the goals.

19. Think of business as a way to survive without adding value

Make your primary motivation for being in business to acquire wealth rather than to create add value. Doing this means you have started on a wrong foot. Allow your drive for money supersede the drive to create innovative products/services that will add value to your target market.

20. Be A Jack Of All Trade And Master Of None

Be all out to pursue the hot moving businesses in town, just in other to make quick bucks. If you want your venture to hit rock bottom, you must never be ready to master your business. Deal with your business as if all that matters to you is making cash and not the interest of the customers.

Finally, having seen the above steps of how never to run your business, don’t you think it would be a disaster never to do it rightly? Take a look at great brands all around the world, you will find that they are never caught napping when the issue of effective business running comes to play.

Make plans to work at being the very best and before long, you will be the focus of all eyes.

Published by Valentine Belonwu

My name is Valentine, founder of this site, an entrepreneur working as a moderator at Bizsugar a small business community news site. Connect with me on Google+ at Valetine Belonwu


  1. Oluwaseun Babajide · April 10, 2013

    I enjoyed it. I love number one Skip Going to the Office Every Day. Many people give excuses not to go to work, again this lead to more workload and missed opportunity.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Valentine Belonwu · April 11, 2013

      Hi Olu,
      I always do my best to see I completed every of my task on a daily basic without missing the opportunity.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

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