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From Pen and Paper to Email: # Ways Point of Sale Can Improve Your Email Marketing/Social Media Marketing Campaign

From Pen and Paper to Email: # Ways Point of Sale Can Improve Your Email Marketing/Social Media Marketing Campaign

“What’s your phone number?” Already your brain is thinking of your phone number, rather than wondering why someone would ask for your information. Today, gathering customer information is vital if a company wants to reach its audience. Here are some of the ways to leverage customer information for social media marketing.

Hone-In on Targeted Customers

Targeted Customers

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Use your point-of-sale (POS) information to hone-in on your key demographics. Get to know your audience, and understand what they like. Your POS should track details like their spending patterns, and demographics correlated to their survey responses and coupon redemptions.

Adjust your marketing efforts to target the customers who are already using your business. If you attract men in their 50s who are educated, then don’t stray from a campaign that targets this audience. Remember to reward the customers who are consistent shoppers with rewards programs (which allow you to gather even more information).

Create Timely Campaigns

Review the information provided by your POS to find out which sales are gathering the most revenue, and which ones are flopping. Do the flops usually occur mid-week? Did your customer base change for sales? Pay attention to these details, which will help you to market future sales.

If your sales history is highlighting an upcoming slow period for sales, then you should be proactive about scheduling a promotion. If you have items that won’t move off of the shelves, consider doing special mark-downs for rewards club customers. Always be ahead of the game when it comes to your projections.

Introduce a Competitive Giveaway

Just one free item valued at $50 can create a customer frenzy. Somewhere between the competition and excitement, customers seem to forget that one item creates very slim odds of winning in a customer pool of hundreds. By sending out a mailer or email about a giveaway, you can get customers logging onto your site and browsing new products. Here’s how you should harness this power:

  • Use an item or items that have not sold well but that show potential. In this way even a write-off item will have the potential to earn good word-of-mouth from the winner.
  • Announce that the winner will be someone who ‘likes’ your Facebook page and leaves a comment. This will generate a buzz for your page and a larger audience long-term.
  • Announce the winner so that everyone knows there was a winner. In this day and age people are suspicious of online contests because so many are fake.

Contact CustomersWith Newsletters & Coupons

Once you have a larger audience from your ‘likes’ and rewards programs, make sure you stay in touch. Create a monthly newsletter to email out, and include coupons. These coupons will help you track which customers really read the newsletter. Your email marketing efforts will be easily tracked.

Leveraging your POS information can help you to find new customers who match the demographics of your current audience, and can help you to gain attention in the social sphere. If you don’t ever use this information then you’re missing out on success and business growth.

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