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5 Types of Business Degrees and Which Should You Choose

5 Types of Business Degrees and Which Should You Choose

When people receive a business degree many will simply say they “majored in business” or have a “business degree.” There are, however, degrees dedicated to specific business fields such human resource management, marketing, IT, accounting and global business management. Understanding what you can do with each of these degrees will help you better choose the right course of study.

1. Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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Along with required business courses, an HR management degree prepares you for the employee world. This entails everything from recruiting to hiring to managing to termination employees. Other aspects of the HR world include payroll, overseeing state and federal employee and employer taxes and wage reporting.

In these positions you also coordinate employee manuals and company policies as well as take care of company benefit packages from health insurance to EAP plans to retirement benefits. HR is a diverse and fast-paced field and takes dedication in order to stay abreast of new labor laws—both state and federal.

2. Marketing Degrees

The world of marketing is also vast and can cover the simple from becoming an ad representative with many accounts to helping companies find their brand identity or assist them in rebranding. Armed with a marketing degree not only will you learn the basic standards of what works to gauge consumer interest and employ those standards, you’ll also learn how to forecast markets or complete a market study or analysis.

Marketing covers everything from coordinating entire ad campaigns in all mediums such as television, radio, print and Internet to assisting corporate leaders on industry trends and offering suggestions on how to reach their target market.

3. Information Technology

With an information technology degree you’ll not only reap the rewards of business standards, your efforts will be focused mainly on IT services. This means working with networks, cloud computing, making decisions on the right technology for the needs of each department or company including computers, laptops, printers, fax, and scanner machines and other technological devices.

An IT expert can work for a company that has an IT department or they can start their own business and offer professional services. With an IT degree you will also work with many software programs as well as computer and network security whether it be installing software, firewalls, communicaton systems or developing a corporate IT security plan to keep intellectual property safe.

4. Accounting Degrees

If you enjoy numbers and making sense of puzzles, the accounting field may be right for you. These degrees are easy to obtain through a traditional college setting or you can seek out the best online degrees from places like

Accounting and financial degrees are similar in that students learn the basic principles of accounting and how the accounting lifecycle works. With an accounting degree you can become a company controller and oversee entire accounting departments or focus your talents on analyzing financial statements.

5. Global Business Management

Global Business Management

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More people are leaning toward this field of study because the economy is becoming a global economy. These types of degrees do more than just teach you about import and export laws; they also offer the chance to learn about foreign markets and very often travel is involved if you are lucky enough to be employed at a corporation with offices all over the world.

While general business management is a strong focus, cultural management will also make up a good part of your study as you will be working in the global world with varying cultures, rules and regulations.

A degree in business is much more that learning how a business is managed and maintained. To choose the right area of study, determine what sparks your interest first in order to make the best decision on the type of degree you want.

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  1. College America Fort Collins · April 29, 2013

    The business world is growing and changing FAST and for those wishing to pursue a business career are now presented with a vast array of options, the above being just a few. A degree in business can lay the foundation for thousands of career options.

  2. Stevens Henager Idaho Falls · May 17, 2013

    I’m having a hard time understanding how puzzles fit into accounting care to explain?

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