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Master Your Accounting Degree Application Like a Seasoned Senior

Master Your Accounting Degree Application Like a Seasoned Senior

Applying for college can create a lot of anxiety. Follow these tips to improve your chances and reduce your application jitters.

Write an Essay That Will Get You Noticed

Get You Noticed

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Assuming that you have good grades, your essay is probably the most important part of your application. But you’re interested in accounting, not writing. How are you supposed to write a great essay when your talents lie elsewhere?

With a lot of work and plenty of help.

Tip #1: Be Yourself and Be Honest

Brainstorm to find a topic that reveals something personal about you. Once you choose a topic, write a draft in your own voice. Don’t try to sound like someone else. The application board wants to know who you are, so show them. Be honest, and don’t try too hard during this first draft.

Tip #2: Revise, Then Revise Again, and Revise Again

You probably think writers spend most of their time putting words on the page. Nope. They spend most of their time taking words off of the page.

Revise your first draft at least three times until it communicates what you want to express. Take out unnecessary phrases, find accurate words, and make sure the essay flows from beginning to end.

Tip #3: Get Feedback

Give your essay to several people who will give you honest feedback. Your English teacher, good friends, and guidance counselor can give you feedback that helps you see your essay in a new way.

Tip #4:Write Your Final Draft

Use the feedback to write your final draft. Make sure you use proper punctuation and spelling. Those things matter to acceptance boards. Above all, make sure your essay says something personal about you and why you want to pursue an accounting degree.

Get Excellent References

Your references can make a big difference. If you know someone who teaches at the college, a reference from that person could really help. Also seek references from employers, teachers, and important community members that might have connections with the school.

Use every advantage.

Know the Admittance Board

In some cases, your degree application might involve a meeting with the college’s admittance board in order for you to obtain that accounting degree – it simply varies between schools. Do some research to learn more about the people on that board.

What subjects do they teach?

What are their views on education, accounting practices, and professional ethics?

Talk to people who know the board members personally. You should also look for academic articles written by the board members. Those articles can tell you a lot about their perspectives.

Know the Curriculum

You know that you want to get a degree in accounting, but do you know what classes you will have to take to finish the program? Find out now before you finish your application. It will help you decide whether you really want to pursue the degree. It will also make you look more knowledgeable and confident to anyone reviewing your application.

Can you think of other ways that you can sound like a seasoned senior when applying to an accounting program? Share them with other readers so they can get into their preferred programs.

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  1. Stevens Henager Provo · May 17, 2013

    I hadn’t thought about getting to know the board but that’s a really good idea. It’s important to know your audience and the board is your audience so get to know them.

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