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10 Reasons Your Company Should Permit Remote Working For Employees

10 Reasons Your Company Should Permit Remote Working For Employees


Flexible working environments have been among the latest opinion shaping discussions. Governments, companies and societies are slowly adopting a remote working style for flexibility and convenience. It does not matter where you are, you can work and share documents with other team members as long as the results required are achieved.

Remote working enables the hiring and sustenance of a skilled workforce with no geographical limits. Top talents from rival firms can easily be head-hunted at no extra cost.

Quieter Atmosphere

The working atmosphere is very important for service delivery and the achievement of results. Office space is often characterized by noise and restlessness. This makes it hard for someone to concentrate and deliver optimally. Home or remote environment on the other hand, is relatively quiet and allows for concentration and focus. This leads to the individual becoming more productive working remotely than in the office.

More Family Time

The quality of life is measured not by the monies that we make on a daily basis but the quality of time spent with those who matter. Remote working has the unique benefit of availing much in terms of time to attend to family issues. Since one can work from home, the family can always be around and your participation in their affairs will be profound.

Increasing Productivity

Productivity is an aspect measured by the output versus the input. Many times we confuse productivity when we look at the number of man hours spent instead of the output or results that comes out. Working at home gives one the quality time that they require to execute the different mandates that they have.

Eliminating Long Commute

Working remotely is so beneficial because it helps the workers to eliminate long commute. This enables them to save quality time that is dedicated to the tasks assigned. Cutting down on time workers waste travelling to and from office also helps to boost the morale of the employees.

Environmentally Friendly

Working environment is very critical. Workers require a friendly working environment for optimal productivity. Working from home give the workers friendly environment they desire for maximum concentration and execution of tasks at hand.

Work/life Balance

For workers who work remotely, they experience an improved work/life balance. This is because they get ample time to spend for personal developments. The workers also get quality time to spend with friends, colleagues and family.

Fewer Distractions

Remote working provides employees with calmer work environment. Away from office environment, stress levels are lower since workers are more comfortable and in control of their working surroundings. This increases productivity a great deal.

Save Gas

Working from home enables you to save on gas. Considering that you are not going to the office but working from home, you save on fuel expenses for your car. The money saved can be utilized for other development purposes.

Reduced Costs

This applies to both employers and workers. Employers who embrace remote working reduce office and other operational costs such as staff management costs, printing, electricity and many more. On the flip side, the workers will be able to save on transport costs of commuting to and from the office.


Remote working allows workers to have flexible working hours. Employees are not restricted by office hours and can work for flexible hours as well as overtime to ensure that they have completed the assigned tasks on time.

We can agree with one accord that remote working has an array of benefits and more companies and workers should embrace it.

Nina Hickman writes for anĀ umbrella company for contractors. She has been in the industry for 5 years.

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