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Can Entrepreneurs Still Solve Joblessness And Unemployment in America?

Can Entrepreneurs Still Solve Joblessness And Unemployment in America?


Unemployment in the United States significantly increased starting from the year 2000 Till date, joblessness has been higher compared to what it was prior to the year 2000. This situation may have been caused by many factors including fiscal conditions, worldwide rivalry, training and qualification, mechanization, and population increase. The job creation is no longer commensurate with the population increase. Though massive number of Americans are unemployed, there has been a record of some highly skilled jobs remaining unfilled for months due to lack of adequate manpower to fill the position. The global economic crisis and the subsequent recession alone accounted for loss of about 9 million jobs in the US. The situation has affected many individuals and families as well as the nation’s economy.

Does this mean that there is no hope for us Americans? Oh no, there are a lot of things that can be done to bring the situation to a complete halt. American entrepreneurs can be of a great help if there is favorable government policy for their thriving.

Now, let’s see how the state of joblessness in the country can be tackled and how entrepreneurs and small businesses; the pinnacle American job creators can make joblessness a story of the past.

How to tackle unemployment through the collaboration of government and the citizens
The state of joblessness in the country calls for the collaborative efforts of the government and the citizens. For the sake of the category of jobs that remain vacant for a longer time due to lack of skilled manpower, the youth should be encouraged to pursue courses in those disciplines. Again, the government can as well make provisions for money creation and entrepreneurship to be taught in schools. Young hearts could be reshaped through this mechanism and the number of school drop outs will reduce and the youths who eventually start a small business will take pride in their achievements and create more jobs for their fellow Americans. Those who didn’t succeed as entrepreneurs will become more useful to themselves, their families and the economy. The government can do this through favorable policies. The Obama and Biden politicak agenda is one of such. According to the source above;

– Obama and Biden will provide a new temporary tax credit to companies that add jobs here in the United States. The tax credit will benefit all companies creating net new jobs, even those struggling to make a profit,

-Raise the small business investment expensing limit to $250,000. This provision will encourage all firms to pursue investment in the coming months, but will particularly benefit small firms.

That’s why they will eliminate all capital gains taxes on investments made in small and start-up businesses…”

This will definitely favor entrepreneurs as well as job creation.
These incentives will provide a good breeding ground for the springing up of new industries which will absorb many unemployed.

Unemployment can be tackled by entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can solve the employment crisis in the country. Experts believe that irrespective of the precarious job situation in the country, entrepreneurship can solve the problem if only Americans would tap from that resources. According to this post, their purpose is to;

“1. Integrate academia and the real world

In a 2011 survey, 88% of young people said that entrepreneurship education is vitally important, given the new economy — and yet 74% of college students had no access to entrepreneurship resources on campus. And when resources were available, most students felt they were woefully inadequate.

3. Invest in and mentor young entrepreneurs

4. Startup America Partnership and Dell’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence

5. Teach technology inside and outside the classroom”

Believe it or not, the number one solution to the disheartening state of unemployment in the US is through entrepreneurship.  A look at the recent government jobs report will make it glaring clear to you.

If the entrepreneurs are supported and given incentives that will favor establishment of more industries and businesses, the US unemployment situation will soon be a thing of the past.

Has the American Entrepreneurs done enough to provide sufficient jobs to their citizens? American entrepreneurs are actually making a great impact in the job sector but there are still much more to be done to encourage more entrepreneurship and small business startups. The government should consider incorporating entrepreneurship in the school curriculum to re-shape the minds of young Americans. Businesses must make their hours of work flexible so as to allow the workers to upgrade their qualification even while in employment.  See details of a whole list of benefits that these will offer to the economy at: why every school in america should teach-entrepreneurship

Teaching entrepreneurship both in school and out of school will no doubt encourage more youth to establish small businesses. It will also go a long way towards solving the income inequality in the United States which is evidently clear to all.

With your collaboration, things can change for the better in the US. Your contribution may be what the country needs to survive this irksome and ugly situation. We don’t have to blame the precarious state on the government and the system alone. Every American can make a significant impact. We just have to explore all our innate potentials and stop pointing accusing fingers!

How would the unemployment situation be solved in your own view? Do you think that entrepreneurs can create job enough to absord all the unemployed and solve the unemployment situation in the country? What do you think?  Leave your comments. Let’s hear your voice!

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