20 Tips On How To Become A Great Salesman

20 Tips On How To Become A Great Salesman


If you want to be a great salesperson, study the craft, and master the art of serving your customers quickly and eloquently. Those who have mastered the arts are reaping the positive results of the fruit they sowed.

Are you struggling with being the best in this industry? Or is it the case of putting in your very best and yet it looks as though you aren’t doing enough?

Whatever side of the divide you find yourself, know that it is very paramount to sharpen your “salesman” skills from time to time.

Perhaps these tips will get you thinking.

1. Think In Terms Of Building Business Relationships

As one whose sole aim is to be an outstanding salesman, your thought must be primarily channelled towards building a lasting business relationship. Do not just think of how to sell your product and make some extra bucks; you must also think about your relationships outlasting your job and even transcending beyond.

2. Leverage on Your Established Customers

Never joke with the fact that your existing customers can link you to several others. So you must maintain a good rapport with them so that you can leverage on the relationships.

3. Understand The Need Of Your Customer And Your Prospects

It is mandatory for you to make your findings about what really your customers’ needs are. When you do this, you will be able to push to the top the needs of your customers, so that the type of value they demand can be achievable.

4. Under-promise And Over deliver

Here is a rule of thumb; ‘Say only what you mean, and mean what you say’. This is important because you will be found wanting if you promise what you cannot deliver. People are quick to lay blames, especially when you do not live up to expectation. Hence it pays never to promise, but to surpass that which you set out to do.

5. Excellent Time Management Skills

For Instance, never keep your client waiting. It pays to be a master at time management. This way you are able to plan your daily activities without stress.

6. Invest In Relationships

The way you build and handle your relationships determines if you will be successful as a salesman or not. Never trivialize any relationship you have. Rather treat all your clients including the prospective ones like very important personalities.

7. Seek Better Ways Of Servicing Clients

It is your calling to seek out ways to serve your clients better. There are a myriad of ways to do this. It could be through books, trainings, seminars, the internet and what have you.

8. Believe In Your Product

You are your own first believer; hence you must really value and appreciate the product you are selling. It becomes mandatory for you to study or even use the product so that you will have a firsthand experience of what you are advocating for.

9. Take Prompt Actions

You have to master to be swift with whatever activity you are carrying out. Being able to achieve more in a little time will stand you out. Ditch having a lackadaisical attitude or dragging your feet against the floor.


10. Work with a Coach/Mentor

Working with someone who you respect or who has an outstanding profile in your industry will give you an edge. This is so because you will acquire a whole lot of principles and strategies that will be needful in your pursuit.

11. Don’t Settle For Status Quo

Be innovative and evolving. Look for ways to do things that are extraordinary. Creativity is all that life is about, so you must be willing to go for the very best.

12. Don’t Accept No As Final

Do not let yourself be intimidated by the negative responses you get. If your clients say ‘no’, have at the back of your mind that it isn’t you they are rejecting, but the product. Be courageous enough to dust yourself and try again.

13. High Level Self Motivation

Look for ways or things to motivate you. One good way to motivate yourself is to talk to yourself. Tell yourself things like ‘I will come out tops’, ’I am the best’ and so on. Also you must be willing to work with little or no supervision.

14. Excellent Communication Skills</b>

You must be articulate and eloquent when you are relating with your clients. Stuttering and not having a good diction will repel rather than attract customers to you.

15. Continuous Self development

Seek ways to be better informed and to move with the trend. Be abreast with issues in and outside your industry. This can be achieved through the print or electronic media and also through the internet.

16. Set Goals and be Target Driven

Set goals and targets to keep you fast on your toes. When you accomplish your set goals and targets, you open yourself up to accomplish other tougher ones. This practice will make your salesman skills soar high.

17. Great Team Player

You have to be willing to blend with the different personalities you mingle with. If you fall short of this, you will not achieve much result, because you truly need to synergize with others to thrive.

18. Honesty and Integrity

You must not be a dubious person. No one wants to deal with one who is cunning. Your ability to be transparent at all times as well as not being two faced will stand you out.

19. Good Sense of Judgment

You must be sensitive enough to know when to close the deal at every stage of negotiation. This means that your negotiation skills have to be top notch because like it or not, you’ll meet difficult prospects who are hard to convince.

20. Healthy Self Esteem and Good Sense of Humour

Possessing a healthy self esteem is key to being a great salesman. If you do not possess a healthy one, you will be timid to approach your prospective clients. In the same light, you must have a good sense of humour, because being able to cause your clients to laugh is an added advantage; it helps reduce the tension in the atmosphere.

These characteristics cannot be watered down. An attempt to water all these steps down, will be tantamount to settling for less. Mediocrity isn’t what being a great salesman is about; it is about knowing your “onions” and working at better ways to outshine other salesmen. More importantly, to soar to the peak of your career.

Published by Valentine Belonwu

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  1. Mosam Gor · April 29, 2013

    Hi Valentine Belonwu,

    Great Post!

    Information Indeed!
    thanks For sharing this 20 Amazing Tips on Become A Great Salesman!.. 🙂
    Thanks For Writing 🙂

    Keep Rocking and updating 🙂


  2. sherman smith · April 29, 2013

    Nice list of tips to become a great salesman Valentine. It’s funny how I’ve been taught this over and over again and I really didn’t get an “Aha” moment until years later. It wasn’t just one point you made that stuck out to me, it was all of them. The best thing about it is that you can use these points in everyday life outside of sales. Great Job Valentine!

  3. Avi · April 30, 2013

    Loved your post bro. Very detailed with some solid informative content. As you said, yes it requires some good skills of management, skills of communication, realtionship building quality and developing character to bea successful and better salesman. Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  4. Dinesh · April 30, 2013

    Nice post buddy…I totally agreed with some of your points like “Say only what you mean, and mean what you say”. a big thums-up.

    Best of luck 😀

  5. Neamat Tawadrous · May 1, 2013

    Hi Valentine,

    Great 20 tips to become a great salesperson.

    All your points are spot on and are all needed to become a skilled salesperson. I am glad you started your list with building strong business relationships and this is the most important skill to develop which we can then leverage on those relationships.

    I like tip #12 to not take the rejection personally and just move on. I heard it said in another way which is keep promoting and don’t think about the outcome. I admit that I need to work on this point as the “NO” freezes me sometimes and I need to get over it and just move on.

    Thanks Valentine for a great educating post.

    Be Blessed,


    • Valentine Belonwu · May 1, 2013

      Hi Neamat,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. I always believe that building a strong relationship is a great business success which I’ve started doing right now 🙂

      Thanks once again.

  6. Noor Mustafa · September 16, 2013

    I am starting my job in coming month in Curry as a salesman, these are very helpful tips, thanks bro 🙂

  7. Aynshet Hunegnaw · October 10, 2013

    Hi is very awsome thing that you make us to achemical sells man in ethiopia.I would very happy if you send to me more informations to be number one in my sector.Thank,you

  8. Roshan · January 25, 2014

    Under-promise and over-deliver point of yours made me win lot of deals. Thanks for the Tip.

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