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5 ways to let customers know what you have to offer

5 ways to let customers know what you have to offer


Being a business with products or services available for customers to purchase or utilize can be daunting. What you offer is great and you know it, but how can you let your clients know it? With so many different methods of getting your business name out there, you have to be picky when it comes to choosing what’s right for you. To take a bit of the pain away from this selection process, here now are five great ideas for ways to get people talking about what your business is and what it has to offer.


Putting together an elegant and informative brochure then having it delivered around your local area is a sure fire way to get customers familiar with you can provide them. If you have a background in graphic design then this is perhaps something that you can create and lay-out yourself, however if your strengths lie elsewhere (your core business for example) then perhaps you could consider making use of a brochure creating service. These are usually printing companies that allow you to submit your own ideas as to how the brochure should look or make use of brochure templates that they have available. Once you have signed off on the final design they will be printed and delivered to you, for dispatch around town by yourself or an external brochure distribution company.

Phone Directory

Although the Internet has become the number one resource for finding information about what products and services are available in a particular area, the old fashioned phone book is still made use of by a large, generally older, part of the population. For a small listing fee you can make sure that you’re business is visible to these people, which is particularly beneficial if the items you’re selling or services you’re offering are more applicable to older folk.

Online presence

As mentioned above, the Internet is now the number one resource for the access of information. If used wisely, listing yourself on a number of websites will be a fantastic way to get customers interested in what you’ve got. To differentiate yourself even further, consider making use of a search engine optimization service, so that you can be in the top results on search sites like Google and Yahoo.

Print media

If you have a decent budget available, print media such as newspapers or magazines can really do wonders when spreading the word about your commitment to providing customers with new and exciting goods and facilities.

Radio and Television

Although somewhat cost prohibitive, the prestige that comes along with advertising on the two major broadcast mediums – TV and radio – cannot be parallel. If you want to make potential clients wake up and pay attention, purchasing ad space on these outlets is guaranteed to work.

It’s never easy to make a name for a new business, however with the suggestions provided in this article, you should be a few (or maybe five) steps closer to reaching brand-name saturation ad ultimately success.

About the author: Kim is a marketing consultant for a national retail chain. Kim looks after online and offline marketing, as well as designing promo products that are in line with the corporate brand.
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  1. Emmanuel · May 2, 2013

    I will go along with the brochure. It’s indeed an interesting way of carrying your products around to the customer.
    Hey Valentin, this is a lovely post.

  2. Johnny Bravo @salesproblog · May 2, 2013

    All your points are great but I would have to say that your online presence is the #1 in my mind. Google is know the number one source for information online. Too often brochures and print media end up in the round file (trash can) where as online searches are active information seekers.

  3. Prince Ramgarhia · May 11, 2013

    That is just an awesome post bookmarked blog..

  4. Matinder singh · July 14, 2013

    great post great tips you share..

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