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Warning: This Often-overlooked Factor Can Crash Your Business!

Warning: This Often-overlooked Factor Can Crash Your Business!


Your business website is ranking number 1 on Google for your target keywords. You have an impressive PPC quality score. You’re spending a significant fraction of your budget on content marketing. In fact, you’re adopting every promising marketing strategy – both online and offline – and yet, you’re not getting the results you expected.

Your business isn’t attracting new customers and isn’t growing. I know this could be frustrating. Now, let me tell you the likely cause…

The reputation built by your business over time has a stronger influence on your prospects than any other factor. Having no reputation or a bad one could be the reason your business isn’t growing.

Picture this instance…

You need a new website, and you search Google using the query “website design services”. On the results page, you clicked the number 1 link, and you landed on a professionally structured website – which looked more like what you wanted.

After being sold by the content and testimonials, you decided to take one final step before hiring the company – searching for reviews about the company.

After searching Google for customer reviews about the same company you were on the verge of hiring, you were shocked to find many 1-star reviews, laden with various complaints – poor customer service, expensive prices, delayed service delivery, and so on.

Now, the question is, would you ever hire such a company?

No, you won’t – despite that the company ranks number 1 on Google for your search query and has a professionally designed website with fascinating content that could sell anyone.

But what if a friend recommended another company, telling you he had a good experience with them? Chances are, you’d hire such a company – even though you never found it on Google.

You can now see how reputation can make or break your business, right?

Now, let me convince you even further…

According to a Nielsen Global Online Customer Survey, 70% of consumers rely on opinions of others to make informed decisions about products and services.

So, a 5-star review of your business by a satisfied customer will convince new prospects to deal with you — even if they never knew about your business before. (This would be a big boost to your business.)

Similarly, a collection of 1-star reviews can ultimately force your business out of market. (Of course, no business would thrive when there are no customers.) That is how powerful online reviews could be.

Another reason why you must not take the reputation of your business lightly is that it’s very hard to repair a badly damaged reputation. Just as you’ll never buy a product that has been badly thrashed by several 1-star or 2-star reviews, no other person will.

With enough said about the importance of reputation to your business, let’s discuss how you can build a good reputation for your business. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Offer high quality products or services and let your customer service staff understand the importance of a good reputation.
  2. Ask your customers for reviews about your business. (Review sites such as Yelp are the best.) If you’ve really satisfied them, they would readily and gladly give an excellent review.
  3. Spread word about you excellent reviews through blog posts and social media. This way, many prospects will get to know about your business and would buy your products or services.

Now, that you’ve discovered the importance of a good reputation to your business and how you can build one, take action now. Only with a good reputation can you generate more sales and achieve your business goals.

Published by Tony Martins

Ajaero Tony Martins is an entrepreneur and business coach. He’s the founder of, an where he shares best small business ideas with budding entrepreneurs.

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