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Five World Class Franchises You can Become a Part of Right Now

Five World Class Franchises You can Become a Part of Right Now


When your thoughts are focused on opening a franchise chances the most important question in your mind is how safe will your investment be? A second and often equally important question is what sort of return will I get for putting in the work and the investment to open a franchise?  These are equally valid concepts that have kept more than one potential franchisee tossing and turning at night.

Fortunately like most burning questions in life you are not the only person who has encountered these questions and fortunately there are franchise metrics which can give you a snapshot of how well a franchise delivers a return for your hard work and hard earned cash.   The following five hot franchises are the ones most likely to put the cash in your cash cow.

1.       Snap On – Pretty simple business.  Mobile tool selling. A fairly low cost start up cost for those that are risk adverse with the average Snap On snapping into place at about 130k.   Another nice aspect of the Snap On franchise is it doesn’t take too long to learn.   A franchisee can be up and running with as little as two weeks of training.  Here’s the key factor that makes this franchise super attractive as of 2011 there were over 3300 Snap On franchises operating and not one of them has gone out of business as of 2013.   A pretty great track record of perfect for people who are looking for safe.

2.       7-11   7-11 has been around a while.    It’s not particularly unique as far as convenience stores are concerned but the fact of the matter is they have a great brand burned into everyone’s mind and are consistent winners.  They are the largest franchisor in the world and a great opportunity for veterans who get a ten percent discount on the franchise fee.   Opening one will cost just over 300k on average but with over six thousand locations operating world wide and only ninety of them closing their doors over the last three years chances are you’ll very happy Slurpee seller.

3.       Arron’s   The rent to own business has been pushing rental furniture into American’s homes since 1955.   It’s not cheap to get into the business with the average franchise cost coming in at 420k however, the good folks at Arron’s  who are no stranger to the finance model offers franchisees a 450k line of credit for furniture purchases.  With 1700 franchises dotting the landscape and only 12 of them closing up shop over the last few years the rent to own business are one of the best around.

4.       Panera Bread   This lunch, coffee and tasty bread place has exploded across the landscape with a hearty 1500 locations spreading across 48 states since it began in 1967.   It’ll run a potential franchisee a whopping 1.5 million on average to start one and a major commitment of 1200 hours of training before Panera places the keys in someone’s hands but once the keys are in hand the hand will quickly fill with cash.  Of the 1500 Panera locations only 22 have closed in the past three years.

5.       Servpro  Haven’t heard of Servpro? Count your blessings.  Servpro specializes in cleaning homes and business’s after a disaster strikes.   They are the ones who cleaned the pentagon after 9/11 so they have some serious credibility.   Servpro puts together a crack team of cleaners to handle what needs to be done to restore order from chaos.  With a low 150k investment and only 22 closures of the 1600 locations chances franchisee’s will be cleaning up from the cleaning up business.

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