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Refreshing Social Media Brand Logos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Refreshing Social Media Brand Logos: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When it comes to your business websites for branding strategy that establish your company logo. It is one of the most critical tasks and you will be more pervasive throughout all of your marketing strategy. The most essential elements of website has branding the name to people and make your brands logo should be more memorable and consistent based on the audience sense of what your brand about all of it. Not sure what it takes to create the killer brand logo design? So to give you the better idea about the logo design and here there are ten companies logo that have either unsuccessful or burgeon in the logo department.

First companies as KFC unique logo redesign and launch: Success in Facebook

KFC unique logo

The KFC (Kentucky fried chicken) has launched the new logo design and they are changing the colonel appearance as well as they were pictured a new form design of red apron. Because of, this was big deal for the company and as its logo had not been changed in over a decade. Why did they make the resolution to refurbish their logo design? Because they want the image of colonel to be very clearer and show more energizing view of picture in the logo design. So they can construct the new design of logo based on the business requirements.

Second company as Gap logo redesigns tragedy: Success in Twitter

In a few years back, the Gap decided to change the logo into more modernized version of picture visibility and abruptly they announced the new design of logo. But, some of the customer make angry with the Gap and they broke it a company trusts. So before to change the logo design, you should consider the customer aspects and what they are requirements as well as view? As a marketer, it is important to note it the customer point or decision and they have like to change your logo appearance. Some of the customer makes the angry with the Gap logo, but they had taken some of the steps and they might have avoided the social media blackish.

Apple’s perfect logos rebrand: Success in Facebook

Apple’s perfect logos rebrand

Today, we are thinking of the apple logo as simple, but there is a sleek design representative of the apple brand name. The original view of the logo shows the picture of Sir Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree and this is the first logo design of the apple company. After, they can show the logo for the company and it was changed into the rainbow color of the apple. But, finally they can change the logo at the recent year only the shadow of the apple appearance that shows the wonderful view with the neat looks of logo design. The logo demonstration has something that every company wants to convey the information in simple way, inviting the customers and shows the beautiful look. These things are very essential and every company has focused on these three things.

Google successful revolt against the logo design best observes: Success in Twitter

The Google logo has actually goes against a few standard branding rules and they use the colors that seem to clash with each other. The logo design is hardly unique and very rare for the logo appearance to the Google. The rest of the Google applications have the fantastic branding name and they really want to demonstrate the different Google products without any conflict in the logo design.

Animal planet poor redesign: Success in Facebook

Animal planet poor redesign

Animal planet is known to all people and goes to the place to learn about the animal characteristic. But, the animal planet redesign logo does not imply that at all. So they decide to redesign the logo with the new rids of the elephant and uses the text for designing the logo. At present, they are using the text only with the different set of position to assigning the character in the logo design.

Amazon interesting hidden meaning of logo design: Success in Twitter

The Amazon website has created such a recognizable brand name and when anyone needs to purchase the things. So they strong to recognize the strong branding of name that supports to design the logo with the name of websites. The logo point of Amazon indicating A to Z things are available for symbolizing the Amazon website logo design.

Pepsi boring logo design: Success in Facebook

Pepsi boring logo design

Few years back only they can change the Pepsi logo and most recently they will remove the company name altogether and left with the image only. At present, they can use only the ball shape of the image and design logo; they don’t use the name of the Pepsi Company.

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  1. Leadgenix · May 17, 2013

    A brand logo can be an incredibly important part of a business. This is especially true with image brands, where people wear the brands to elevate their status. A brand’s name holds a lot of value in functional, image, and experiential brands. Coming up with a brand logo can be difficult because there are no standard guidelines really to a good logo, but success with a logo means monumental success with the business.

  2. Juztin · May 24, 2013

    Nice one! Indeed, brand logos are of great magnitude in establishing businesses, the reason why company owners put importance in redesigning their logos to suit the customer’s point of view.

  3. jenmmoore · May 24, 2013

    Logo speaks for the company, so it is but very important indeed! And it is likewise essential to have a brand logo that would really mark in the minds of the customers the soonest.

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