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Build a Better Business for 2013

Build a Better Business for 2013

If you want to create or continue success for your business this year you will need to make sure that you have your planning strategy in order. A good business is built upon a foundation of strong organisation and creativity so it is best to focus on these aspects first if you want to improve.

Planning and Organisation

A written plan is necessary for outlining certain strategies, objectives and marketing initiatives. In this plan you will need to consider how much everything will cost so you can budget for it later. Detail records of outgoings and profits will show you where the business stands financially and what changes you might need to make. From this you could then look into how you can cut costs like taxes with a RIFT tax refund for example. Being organised in business will also help you complete the tasks you need to do on time and stop you from getting out of your depth. A smart idea would be to write a to-do list each day and check each task off your list once it’s done. You could also give yourself a time scale in which to complete each job in order to keep ahead of deadlines.

Employee Management


It is best to avoid micromanaging your employees so that you can focus on inspecting their progress and the overall success of the company. Delegate jobs appropriately and provide your employees with a training and orientation plan so they know exactly what they are expected to contribute. A rewards system like a bonus scheme is also a good way for employees to find the incentive to work harder. This kind of system is particularly effective in sales departments.


You will want to ensure that your business stands out from the rest of the competition on the market. Be open-minded and think about maybe establishing a niche for your company, or focus on how you can provide a better service for your customers. Have fun with ideas and encourage your employees to get involved with the creative aspects of the business. If you want to market your business effectively you might consider creating an e-newsletter for your regular customers – encouraging them to buy from you again. Keeping a company blog is also another way of engaging with your market through sharing quality content related to your business. Additionally stay ahead of the game with social networking. Take advantage of these free sites by creating a profile that promotes and appeals to your consumer base.

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