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Top 10 Truck Driving Apps to Stay Entertained on the Road

Top 10 Truck Driving Apps to Stay Entertained on the Road


The truck driving lifestyle can be lonely sometimes. Long hours spent driving while away from friends and family can leave a truck driver with a lot of potentially boring downtime to fill. But with the right technology, it’s easy to find entertainment on the road: you just need the right phone apps.

Here are 10 apps to help any truck driver stay entertained:

1. WiFi Finder—

This app helps you stay entertained, and in touch with family and friends by keeping you Internet-connected. WiFi Finder allows you to find Wi-Fi connections available for public use and uses GPS technology to get you to the closest one. WiFi Finder gives the option of saving favorite connection spots so you won’t have to research twice if you have a recurring truck route.

2. Skype—

Being able to actually see your loved ones while you talk to them is the next best thing to seeing them in person. With the Skype app, truck driving moms and dads can visually tuck their kids into bed at night and feel more connected to the household than a mere voice on the phone will allow.

3. Netflix—

This is a great app to alleviate road boredom with the power of movies. The Netflix app allows the user to watch movies and television shows right on their phone or tablet, making the cab of the truck feel almost like the living room at home.

4. Relax Melodies—

This app offers white noise and soothing melodies, as well as sounds from nature, such as ocean waves. Relax Melodies can help a truck driver de-stress after a rough day in traffic, or block out engine and human noise in a truck stop parking lot during nap time.

5. Audible—

This is a great entertainment app for truck drivers who love to read, but have to spend the days staring at highways instead of book pages. With the Audible app, a selection of 100,000+ books can be read to the listener, leaving hands free to drive and road-strained, tired eyes allowed to rest.

6. iHeartRadio—

This is an excellent app for truckers who are music fans who happen to drive through musically barren radio wastelands for a living. With iHeart Radio, truck drivers can listen to whatever they choose from more than 1500+ radio stations, or their own customized blend of music.

7. Voice Text Pro—

Accident statistics show that texting and driving absolutely do not mix, but texting can be a fun and entertaining way to stay in touch with friends and family. Voice Text Pro allows the user to speak into their phone so the words can be converted into text, all while keeping eyes safely on the road.

8. Around Me—

The Around Me app can help entertain a trucker by giving the information and location of any business, restaurant, truck stop, store or anything potentially interesting along their current route. If you can think of something to do on the road, the Around Me app can help you locate it if it exists in your area.

9. Truck Driver Forum—

As a social app for truck drivers, Truck Driver Forum can offer on-road entertainment, as well as opportunities to make new friends. Browse profiles, send and receive private messages, read blogs and articles and post on message boards to vent, share helpful information, or even find a new job.

10. Free Online Games—

With this app, you can find and play your favorite games online during driving downtime. Free Online Games allows the user to play arcade, classic, puzzle games and more.

So now you know—the road doesn’t have to be boring. Time flies when you’re having fun, so make the time between when you leave and return to your home fly by as you keep yourself busy with these entertaining apps.

George Pittman is a professional blogger that provides news and information for CDL truck driver jobs and companies. He writes for Trucker Classifieds, the top source for job drivers and local truck driving jobs.

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  1. Vijesh · May 17, 2013

    I think games do keep us occupied and some of the messaging apps like whats app too can help us in long journeys.
    Thanks for the share Valentine…

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