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Effective recruitment practices

Effective recruitment practices


Recruitment of suitable staff is a major concern for all businesses. Competition for the best job applicants is fierce, so it is important to use recruitment professionals. Those businesses large enough to have a human resources department may have their own recruitment specialists but others often turn to recruitment agencies to find new employees. All good recruiters, however, follow a similar process that includes proven selection techniques and takes candidates through to employment.

The process

The first stage in the process is the sourcing and attraction of candidates. Recruitment professionals initially ascertain the needs of the employer and then use their contacts and creativity to find and identify suitably qualified applicants. They find candidates through trade shows and seminars, by word of mouth and from the Internet via social networking sites and job boards.

With potential candidates identified, the next step is to screen them so that only the best go forward. Much of this process is now automated using dedicated software that searches for keywords in online applications (which are rapidly becoming the most common means of application) and matches them to job requirements. This is a timesaving method that reduces the need to trawl through paper applications and allows recruiters to quickly narrow the field of applicants to the few apparently most suitable. Recruiters also now use Applicant Tracking System applications that record applicants and other details allowing recruiters to save data and more easily identify possible candidates for future jobs.

At this stage, the number of potential candidates will have been cut down to a manageable figure and recruiters will often initiate a telephone interview with prospective candidates to reduce the field even further. The amount of additional information that can be obtained during telephone interviews allows recruiters to select only the most suitable candidates for a face-to-face interview, so saving a considerable amount of time and money.

Recruiters will then interview the remaining candidates and, having narrowed the field to a small number of the best qualified candidates, will arrange for these to be interviewed by the potential employer who makes the final selection.

The value of recruitment specialists

The recruitment process can be complex, time consuming and expensive and it must not be left to chance. By using recruitment agencies, either in-house or outsourcing to a recruitment agency, employers increase their chances of filling vacancies with the best candidates available. Agencies, in particular, offer a comprehensive service that takes the process from the identification and attraction of potential candidates to their evaluation for possible employment. Their objective is to provide an efficient and effective service that provides the employer with the best candidate for the job and job candidates with the best job for their skills and aspirations.

About the author: Richard Deeley. I am PR consultant for Randstad UK. I research and do analysis on jobs in leeds and how the market demand fluctuates in the North of England.
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