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Business Loyalty- How to Stay True To Your Customers

Business Loyalty- How to Stay True To Your Customers


Staying true to customers is a thing of importance. Infact, it is the hallmark of any brand.

No matter the kind of product and services you render, you must never trivialize this fact.

Some entrepreneurs might say ‘what do I care anyway- provided I make my profit through whatever means’. Well, as the golden rule states, “whatever you sow, you reap”.

Check the track records of brands that strayed in this light and you will find that they are counting their losses. In the same vein if you are caught in the web of not being loyal to your customers, you will lose out too.                       

What Does Business Loyalty Entail?

First of all, business loyalty means ‘under promising and over delivering’. Here is what this means and the rule of thumb: “Never promise your customers what you cannot deliver. If you do, you will be labeled a cheat”. It’s that simple!

<b>How Do You Stay True To Your Customers?

1. Keep Your Fidelity

You will be amazed at the praise you will get if you did just what you promised. Never do less than you have talked about because this will only give room for negative labeling. The trick is to do much more than you promised, period!

If your customer demands for a good service; go the extra mile of giving them the very best of your service. By this, you unconsciously impress it upon their hearts that you can deliver even ‘more’.

Tremendous growth always occurs when you ‘over deliver’. Here is another example; let’s assume you run a small laundry business and you told your customer to pick up his clothes by Tuesday evening. How about astonishing him a day before, by putting a call through or email, saying the clothes are ready?

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? You can decide to start with this principle but that isn’t all it entails. It is always easier to start a thing than to continue in it. Hence, you must be very ready to keep the tempo always. Afterall, that is what makes staying loyal tick.

2. Treat One Customer As If They Are All You Have Got

Have you ever heard the saying that ‘one customer could bring ten more’? Always have at the back of your mind that one customer equals ten customers. Therefore, when dealing with one person, know invariably that you are dealing with ten people. This simply implies that if you treat that one person wrongly, you are killing the chance of having a potential ten.

What makes a successful brand, if it isn’t about building a network of customers that can readily recommend your business to other people?

The truth is that people will forever be comfortable with a brand that can guarantee them the very best at all times.

3. Make a Change Today

Change can never be over emphasized. Perhaps you have slacked in this area; it is never late to make a change.

There are potential customers everywhere. Once you have resolved to build a new brand through loyalty, you can be assured of customers.

Who knows, you could still win the heart of those you lost along the way.

It took big conglomerates this resolution to build their brands. You too can start with this virtue and watch how you climb up the apogee of success.

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