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Managing Employees- How to Build and Nurture a Productive Business

Managing Employees- How to Build and Nurture a Productive Business


Most businesses attribute their success to the creative and intelligent employees they have at their disposal. These employees are the support of the day to day running and operations of any business. This is the reason why most of the successful businesses in the world never trivialize maintaining and making their team happy.

They know that investing in the development and training guarantees greater successes in the future. Increase the success of your organisation by hiring skilled people, investing in them, and by generating a business environment suited to stimulate them.

You will be on your way to success if you take the following principles seriously;

1. Build A One on One Relationship

Employees love Bosses who knows how to mingle with them. Hence one great motivator for your workers is knowing that the Boss has taken keen interest in knowing his team personally. Addressing each by their first name will add to the level of familiarity.

Lend them a listening ear especially when they talk about their background and problems. This will give you an idea on how to motivate them to excel more in their field. People are different and so are their problems. Hence know that the drive and encouragement they need will differ.

2. Always Reward Good Efforts

People strive to excel most effectively when there is goal or reward. Develop some incentives and reward systems for employees that reach a specified goal approved by management. Monetary incentives such as commissions and bonuses are probably the best to use however, do not limit everything to money.


Try using other stuff like the latest gadget, a new laptop, a luxurious dinner, or a free vacation package. Employees love these kinds of stuff. This will help  nurture excellence in your company while ensuring that they stay. Ensure you vary your incentives based on the economic situation and trends.


3. Mix Work and Play

It is important for employees to understand that there is a time to work and there is a time for play. Develop fun and bonding activities.

A business that works all the time can build up stress within each employee. This can explode later on, which may lead to unwanted resignations. Avoid this by mixing some pleasure with business.

Develop and schedule some regular team building activites that focus on employee relationships and pure fun.

Some companies even treat their employees to trips abroad or a weekend party getaway after a particular intensive work schedule. A good boss believes that people need relaxation and fun once in awhile. It is just a way to release stress. Make sure you join in the fun- your employees will appreciate that.

Any business that is dependent on its workers will definitely be more productive when each worker is happy and working toward a mutually rewarding goal. Know and appreciate your employees by saying their name every time you greet them, giving them incentives and playtime, and by sharing your wealth with them.

Finally, if you do not want to be saddled with always hiring new workers because previous ones have resigned, then I suggest you believe in the above principles.

A happy employee is a productive employee. Without all reasonable doubt, this is true.  Always explore new ways to make them happy.

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