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How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills – 20 Tips

How to Develop Your Entrepreneurial Skills – 20 Tips


If a friend walks up to you and asks for advice on how he or she could improve his/her entrepreneurial skill, what will you say to this friend of yours?

Let me share with you some iron clad entrepreneurial skills development strategies. If you seek to develop or improve your entrepreneurial skills, then sit back, read and digest these 20 tips.

There are many skills involved in being a successful entrepreneur. You probably already know this. But what you may not know is that you don’t have to get an MBA or attend expensive seminars in order to gain them.

There are some more unique routes to gaining these skills, and some of them may just be easier, and a whole lot cheaper, than you think.

1. Attend Business Seminars and Trainings

There is always a lot to learn when you attend business seminars and trainings.  You are sure going to pick one or two things that help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

2. Internship Programs

When you become an intern under an established entrepreneur, you will learn and develop your skills, because you’ll see and hear everything about business. You’ll also learn true life applications of some things you’ve learned before.

3. Read Books

Reading books on Business, Leadership, Motivational and Personal Development will help you develop your entrepreneurial skills. Just be willing to practice what you’ve read.

4. Volunteer to Serve

When you volunteer to serve when the opportunity arises, you will sure learn stuff that will help develop your skills. Don’t shy away when such an opportunity comes your way.

5. Watch Videos

You can never under estimate what you can learn by watching movies. Take-out time to watch reality shows that is geared towards raising entrepreneurs and you’ll be amazed how your  entrepreneurial skills will be developed.

6. Travel Far and Wide

When you travel far and wide with the aim of under-studying business, it will help you develop your entrepreneurial skills. Just ensure that your aim for travelling is to improve your knowledge and not to just play your life away.

7. Play Games like Monopoly

Playing games like monopoly and other video games is not just for fun or to while away time. It really helps when it comes to developing your decision and investment skills, and you need that as an entrepreneur.

8. Join Investment Clubs

Becoming a member of an investment club means exposing yourself to learning  business skills  from people. There will always be something to learn when you stay around business minded people.

9. Enroll For MBA

It might not be within the reach of everybody, but if you are opportuned, by all means enroll for MBA. It will surely broaden your skills; you might even end-up becoming a business coach after your MBA.

10. Start a Business Blog

You don’t need to be an expert before starting anything. As a matter of fact, people acquire great skills when they set-out to do the things they dread. Blogging will push you beyond your comfort zone, because you will want to research and in the process you’ll develop your entrepreneurial skills.

11. Go Out Of Your Way to Make New Friends

If you always go out of your way to make new friends, you are indirectly developing your interpersonal skills. Every entrepreneur needs this skill, if they indeed want to grow and remain in business.

12. Test-Run your Selling Skills

Becoming an entrepreneur means you are going out there to sell goods or services or both. You can test-run your selling skills by helping family and friends sell stuff at your leisure time.

13. Join Business Forums (Both Online and Offline)

Joining a business forum will afford you the opportunity to rub minds with business people and entrepreneurs. When you this, you will cause your entrepreneurial skills to develop in the process.

14. Go for Short Courses on Business Etiquette

If you don’t have the money, time and opportunity to enroll for MBA, short courses in Business is another opportunity you need to take advantage to develop your entrepreneurial skills. Etiquette is important and even business has its fair share of rules to follow.

15. Develop Your Organization Skills

Every entrepreneur needs to be organized or else customers won’t take them seriously. If you develop your organizational skills, you are indirectly developing your entrepreneurial skills.

16. Be Accountable 

You don’t need to live your life as if you are not responsible to anybody. When you are accountable to your family and friends, you are developing your entrepreneurial skills. In like manner, you must be accountable to your customers and investors as an entrepreneur.

17. Help People Solve Problems

When you help your family members, friend and neighbours solve their problems, you are horning your entrepreneurial skills. As an entrepreneur, solving problems is the major reason why you are in business in the first place.

18. Acquire Stocks

When you buy shares and stocks, you must be ready to create time to monitor the stock market. Following up the stock market news will cause you to develop your investment and observatory skills in the process.

19. Always Think Innovation and Creativity

When you always engage your mind to think outside the box, it will help you develop your innovative and creative skills. You need these skills as an entrepreneur. You need to be innovative if you want your product to be the next big thing in the market.

20. Get Involved in Business Reality Shows

From time to time there is always a business reality show being broadcasted on TV. When you hear of such, don’t just be prepared to watch it on TV, but rather enroll to participate because it will sure help develop your skills. If shyness was the order of the day for you, this will definitely change you.

Remember, it is time for you to sharpen those skills and get to the crescendo of your career. You have all it takes to practice and get better at that which you have passion for.

Entrepreneurial skills can be developed only if you determine to work hard at them.

In all, I will advise you to use every opportunity you have to learn something new and improve your business skills. When you do this, you can be sure you will become outstanding in the near future.

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My name is Valentine, founder of this site, an entrepreneur working as a moderator at Bizsugar a small business community news site. Connect with me on Google+ at Valetine Belonwu

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