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Top iOS Apps for Productivity

Top iOS Apps for Productivity


It is quite easy to be puzzled on which apps to choose for your iDevice because at present Apple App Store has nearly 800,000 applications.  However, many of the apps are purely for gaming and entertainment purposes.  Those who are seeking apps for productivity might not be curious on which apps have good features.  Well, here’s a personal compilation of some of the most effective apps for those seeking better control over their lives.  Read below:

OmniPlan. Are you in need for an app for heavy duty project management?  Then OmniPlan is perfect for your iPad.  All of the details of your projects can be tracked down – from employee schedules, client information, supplier information, and availability of equipments.  Sharing is allowed too for better collaboration.  There is a visual timeline for you to track the dates too.  Many use this to track changes to project plans.

1Password. There is no free version of this app, but the users of this app can attest on how wonderful this is for those who have many passwords.  With 1Password, your passwords are stored and you are automatically logged in to the websites.  Your security is also very safely guarded by this app.

Cue. This is an exclusive calendar app for iOS that allows the users to incorporate content from different sources.  Data combination is also possible.  This is great for those who want to save more time.  If you are using the calendar more often, then you should just opt for the premium version.  With Cue, you won’t have to be juggling from different calendars.  Everything is simplified for your convenience.

LogMeIn. This free account comes in handy for people on the go.  When you are away from your home computer, this app will allow you to access to your home computer from anywhere.

iThoughts. This is great for those who often do brainstorming.  If you want to capture the best ideas that you have in a better structure, then iThoughts app is a must for you.  It allows you to take notes, draw and doodle according to how you’d like it to appear.  There is also a flow chart-like structure for those who would like to make it look neat.

Podio. This app is great for those who are in the enterprise.  This is an entire social network platform for the purpose of project management.  The users of Podio can share different tasks and set meetings.  There is an area for you to chat within the app.  The different apps within podio have different functions for the following purposes: handling projects, product development, and sales leads.

Mint.This is a free app that is a great tool for keeping in track of your cash flow.  The mothers will surely love this because Mint is a useful tool for budgeting money.  You can track down how much money you have already made, how much you will be saving and other concerns on personal finance.

Here’s another trick for you to become more productive – maximize the use of VoIP services.  Right now, there may be free VoIP services such as the ones provided by Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and even Facebook.  However, the features aren’t as robust as the ones offered by the paid VoIP providers like the Ring Central business VoIP.  Based on personal experience, as well as on the recommendations of other small and medium scale business owners, these paid services can offer more value for your money on the long run.

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