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Why getting your Six Sigma can be beneficial

Why getting your Six Sigma can be beneficial

Created and made famous by Motorola, Six Sigma has quickly become the standard for professional business development. The success of the Six Sigma approach is proven effective by its track record of creating opportunities for career growth for practitioners. Six Sigma has been consistently able to point the way to success in business regardless of your industry. This article will briefly describe some of the benefits associated with those that have studied to receive Six Sigma Certification in addition to their Masters in Organizational Leadership, Bachelors degree in Business or other forms of higher education.

Team Collaboration
The underlying concepts found in Six Sigma strengthen a person’s collaboration skills. Those that have received such training become are able to use their skills to leverage team interactions. Six Sigma is structured in a way that rewards beneficial team interactions. By doing so, a bond is formed among members of the team. Through this bond, the attainment of a shared goal becomes the main focus of the entire group. This shared understanding provides the foundation needed to harness the groups influence and use it to propel your company’s overall success.

Company Reputation
Increased confidence of your staff’s ability to perform at the standard set up by Six Sigma is likely to improve sales. Six Sigma training has developed such a strong reputation for business practice training that the addition of Six Sigma certified professional can attract clients to your company. While there is no set percentage on the amount of revenue increase a company will have due to Six Sigma implementation, it can’t be denied that employees add value in the minds of clients.

Strategic Relationship Development
As your client pool increases, your company will be presented with the option to develop strategic relationships that were previously out of reach.

Companies have formed expectations of those with Six Sigma certifications. These expectations are what encourage clients to form long term business relationships with other companies. Implementing the techniques developed during Six Sigma training helps to satisfy your clients’ expectations. These actions are what form the basis of a long term business relationship.

Workflow Improvement
Six Sigma techniques encourage the development of techniques that increase workflow and improve overall service delivery. These techniques are perfectly crafted to help leaders get to the underlying issue behind problems within your specific company. The process of Six Sigma training exposes the defects in any internal process a company may be experiencing. At that point, the process of improving those areas begins. Once training is complete, your employees are far better equipped to act as a team and to raise company standards for business.

Customer Satisfaction is the Key
Customers are much more likely to be satisfied when companies have attempted to meet their needs my means of an organized process. Six Sigma provides a basis for customer interaction that can lay the foundation for increased conversion rates. Customers retention and company reputation are all tied to the satisfaction of each individual consumer. Success training can provide regularity to consumers. Customer regularity due to great business skills may provide a solid platform for increasing your company’s earning potential.


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