Sending Parcels to Clients Abroad

Sending Parcels to Clients Abroad

If your business has a lot of dealings with foreign clients, or you frequently send products abroad for reviewing and testing, you will need to make sure your parcels arrive in one piece. If they arrive poorly packaged with the products left rattling around inside, you will be giving an unprofessional view of your company. Instead, make sure it arrives in immaculate condition and well-branded to give your clients the right impression.

Firstly, think about branding. If you want your parcel to make a real impact and carry your company’s branding overseas, consider looking into aspects such as coloured packing paper, branded address labels and branded notecards to include in each parcel. Don’t be wasteful and use packaging resources gratuitously, but if there is a way you can integrate aspects of your company’s logo or branding into the parcel, do so.

Secondly, make sure your product is secure in the box. Whether it’s a single component for a piece of equipment or an entire promotional pack containing samples of your new range of products, they all need to be packaged securely. It’s all part of the customer care experience; if their product arrives slung in a box with nothing to protect it, even if it’s not fragile, this gives the impression that you don’t care. If anything, you have to work harder to impress your clients overseas because you have less contact with them.

Thirdly, once the product is securely in place using polystyrene, a cardboard structure, bubblewrap or something similar, include a personalised note for the client. If anything, a handwritten note is better, as it shows that you have taken the time to add a nice finishing touch. Also include any promotional material, as you might not get a chance to do this again for some time. If you have a brochure or product information related to what you are sending, include this in the box too.

Finally, make sure the box looks presentable from the outside. Sellotape should be neat, and the box should look sturdy and professional. Again, if you have any form of branding, or even stickers, use this now so that your client immediately knows what has arrived. Make sure you have all of the recipient’s information right, as a spelling mistake in their name will show carelessness.

It’s best to use a courier service specialising in sending parcels abroad to make sure it arrives in good time and in the best possible condition. Don’t feel tempted to skimp on the company, or the parcel might not arrive, leaving your client wondering why they were forgotten. A good delivery experience with a company can make them feel more positively about you, so take the time to do it properly.

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