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Your Asset at Work – Protecting Your Smartphone While on the Job

Your Asset at Work – Protecting Your Smartphone While on the Job

Smartphones are used by workers every day both in the office and when they’re on the go. If you’re one of these people, you know how important your smartphone is to you. If you had to sit and think about a scenario in which the smartphone that you use for work were to become damaged or stolen, your heart rate would undoubtedly rise and your internal temperature would rise as well because you would never want to be in that terrible situation in the first place. But, anything is possible, so you need to take every precaution necessary to ensure that you protect your smartphone.

Always Use a Password to Log In

Some people like the ease and convenience of sliding their finger across their smartphone’s screen to unlock it, but this isn’t very secure at all, as anyone can access the device in this manner. Therefore, it’s very inappropriate for a smartphone that’s used for business purposes. Instead, what you must do is protect your device with a password that needs to be typed in every time you want to unlock the phone and access its contents.

Never give your password away, unless you absolutely have to for work-related purposes. Also, make sure that you write your password down and store it in a secure place where no one except you will be able to find it. This will ensure that, if you were to ever forget the password for any reason, you’ll have access to it.

Using a password will ensure that only you’ll be able to access your smartphone. In a world where smartphone theft is on the rise and businesspeople store very sensitive information on their devices, a password is, by far, your first line of defence.

Regularly Back Up Your Data

Whether you back up your smartphone’s data to a cloud based server or your physical computer, the important thing is that you’re backing it up regularly. All of your work files and notes, as well as your contacts, need to be stored on a separate device or server so that you can access that information whenever you need it, even if your smartphone no longer works, or if it gets lost or stolen.

Install Security Apps

There are several security apps available that you can download onto your smartphone to keep your phone safe in the event that it’s lost or stolen. These apps allow you to lock the device from remote to prevent others from using it at all, and they can even help you track your smartphone. While you may need to pay for these apps, they’re well worth the investment, especially for a work-related smartphone.

Invest in Insurance

Smartphone insurance is very important if you’re using your device for business purposes. Protect Your Bubble mobile phone insurance gives you access to a variety of plans that are easy to invest in and affordable, too. Smartphone insurance, just like car insurance, will protect your asset and provide you with peace of mind in the event of an accident or theft.

About the author:

Laura Ginn is a freelance writer and tech blogger who regularly uses her smartphone for business purposes, so she completely understands the need to protect it and keep it safe at all times. That is why she invested in a mobile phone insurance plan that works for her budget and suits her needs.

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