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How to Manage Your Reputation Using PR

How to Manage Your Reputation Using PR

In a world of highly competitive business markets and consumer review websites there are numerous ways in which your company’s reputation can be damaged. From a negative article on a tabloid newspaper site or industry publication, to a poor review of your customer service on a site like Trip Advisor, there are more ways than ever that you may need to try and restore your good name to the wider public.

One of the most effective ways of managing your reputation, particularly online, is through the positive PR that you generate. It’s fair to say that most business owners will agree that the coverage that you receive can literally make or break how successful your company becomes.

Push down negative Google results

If the bad coverage has been fairly recent, it’s likely that it will appear high up in Google search results for your brand name. This is going to instantly damage your reputation as people interested in your business’ products or services see the negative comments and this may result in lost leads or sales.

Releasing a press release via a news wire, or directly selling a piece of positive coverage that your business has done to a particular newspaper title can help to  push down the offending articles and eventually remove them from the first page altogether. The majority of people will never click through to the second page of Google’s search results so if the bad press is forced down this far then it’s unlikely to be seen by any more potential customers.

Shout about something good you have done as a business

Go back to what PR is really all about – you need to tell the world why you are the best and shout about the amazing things you are doing as a business. Whether that be the excellent work a particular team has done to get great results, an award that you have been nominated for or won within your own industry or a win of a large piece of business, you have every right to let people know about it.

These are the kinds of things that really successful businesses need to build their reputation on and more often than not it’s these positive aspects that can neutralise, then overshadow any bad coverage that may have arisen.

Use social media to tackle issues head-on

Social media has given customers a way of sharing bad coverage about brands with their friends and the wider public online. Therefore, it’s important that, as a business, you invest the time in getting someone to manage your voice and create positive customer experiences on social media formats like Twitter and Facebook.

The way your company conducts itself on Twitter for example can gain positive press in itself, especially if you have managed to help numerous complaints and queries to help change perceptions and received good feedback because of it.

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