4 Things You Can Do To Save Time In Business

4 Things You Can Do To Save Time In Business

Productivity in business is everything. Businesses that are successful have been streamlined over the course of years. Their employees spend less and less time on mundane tasks, so that they can spend more time on tasks that are fundamentally, going to grow the business.

With more and more businesses starting up every single year, competition is fierce. If you are not working in simplifying business processes and working to save time and money, then your company is quickly going to get left behind.

Breaks And Motivation

Productivity is not all about 12 hour days and truck loads of coffee; quite the opposite in fact. A fresh mind is a productive mind. If you overwork yourself and your employees, you will not be operating at your potential full capacity. This is particularly true of people that work on computers day in and day out. Although this is not manual labour, as motivation dips, so does productivity.

Throughout the day you should be aiming to have lots of short and sharp breaks. Aim to do something during this break that relaxes or excites you. Coffee breaks and a chat always work well.

When you come back, you will find that the productivity level of you and your employees is much higher. Even though you have regular breaks, throughout the working day, you will actually be more productive than if you had spent more time working, but without breaks.


Each individual in a company should always work on projects that they are the most productive with. This comes back to the 80/20 rule. Around 80% of productivity usually comes from around 20% of a workload. That means for around 80% of each employee’s time, they are working in a non productive manner. Ensure that tasks are delegated to all the right places.

If someone has expertise in marketing, they should be the one working on marketing projects. Like wise for accounting, HR and networking related tasks. It will save time and increase the capacity and productivity of a company. Any simple tasks should be given to an admin or secretary.


The outsourcing industry is huge, especially in the IT sector. Why? Most employees only have a very limited skill set. By using an outsourcing company, your company will have access to a range of skilled employees. You will be able to pick and choose which individuals work on which projects.

Essentially, you will always have a highly experienced and skilled worker working on a project. Better still, outsourcing is actually the cost effective method of getting tasks done. Remember, you don’t have to commit to monthly salaries, sick pay or even holiday pay! You’ll save time and increase your capacity.

Software And Applications

There are hundreds of pieces of software and thousands of applications to choose from. There is an application now, to automate just about any business process, or at least save your company some time.

For instance, if you have a WordPress website, there are plug-in applications that can help to build contact forms instantly, or aid SEO efforts. There are even pieces of business software from companies such as IQ Retail which help with accounting and purchasing.

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  1. Milosh · June 13, 2013

    I agree with you. I think that the first fact is the most important one. All you need is motivation! If you are motivated you can do almost everything 🙂

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