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5 Vital Aspects of Content Marketing in 2013

5 Vital Aspects of Content Marketing in 2013

You have no doubt heard the popular phrase ‘content is king’ during your internet hangouts. If you haven’t, then you are missing out on one of the most prevalent marketing strategies. From the world of social media to responsive design, content is vital for business growth and rejuvenation amidst constant technological flux. To the few sceptics out there, here are 5 aspects of a great content marketing strategy which shouldn’t be ignored.

Social media

The right social media presence is crucial to gaining brand awareness, new customers and higher volumes of online traffic. Content can range from snappy sentences on well presented infographics to headlines, competitions and articles. In February 2013, around 100,000 Tweets were sent, 36,000 photos were shared on Instagram and 80% of Pinterest pins were re-pins. It was also recorded that around 50% of social networkers shared their business-related content via Twitter.

Responsive Design

2013 is the year for all businesses to go responsive. Responsive design is the next phase in multi-platform technology and highlights the fact that consumer behaviour is changing. Tablets and smartphones rather than PCs are now at the forefront of business and entertainment; therefore web content should be formatted accordingly. Content and layout should be able to adapt to different screen sizes on a variety of devices. Now is the time to rethink your content. By simplifying your online content, you can remove unnecessary jargon and arbitrary waffle to get to the heart of your business on multiple devices. This stripped down content is particularly useful for smartphones and other small screen devices.

Visual content

2013 has been the year for personalised marketing campaigns filled with visual content to grab the attention of an increasingly distracted online audience. These visual tools such as video, infographics and even simple memes transcend language barriers and convey a message instantly through a well constructed, sometimes humorous static graphic or photograph. According to MDG Advertising, 64% of customers consider detailed images to be more important than a products description and customer ratings. A press release’s page views also increase by 48% when a picture and video are included.


The right content can speak volumes about your business, from its work culture to its level of professionalism. Develop content with your users in mind in order to create engaging content which focuses on their issues, needs and interests. A company blog is a great way to inject a little character into your business. Blogs are a great way to tell your story, showcase your latest products and voice your opinions on the latest industry news. Drum up interest by writing about relevant, topical news which will excite your target audience.


A range of keywords and phrases should be used on your site to optimise SEO and to rise above the competitors in your industry. Innovative and creative measures should be found in order to optimise your content and maintain your ranking amongst rivals. If you are new to the world of SEO, the £1.49 iSEO app for iPhone and iPod allows you to track your SEO progress on an unlimited number of domains. Arm yourself with the latest mobile device or tablet to take full advantage of these new business apps. Head to to see how much you could get for your old smartphone model.

Henry Brinsden is a freelance content writer from Paris, France. His passions include creative writing, social advertising and salted peanuts. 

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