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7 Reasons a Timeshare Is the Way to Go

7 Reasons a Timeshare Is the Way to Go

Timeshares are great way to save money on travel expenses and have a fun and affordable vacation. By paying for them upfront, you guarantee yourself a fixed price that doesn’t waver in the face of inflation or demand. Without a doubt, timeshares are the best way to enjoy a vacation without the burdens of travel plans or purchase of expensive vacation homes.

1. Save on Expenses

While timeshares tend to be a bit more expensive than typical accommodation, they are also luxurious and located next to the best attractions. Timeshares also come with a washer/dryer and a full kitchen. These two amenities allow you to eat in and wash your clothes for free, which saves money so you can do other activities.

2. Flexibility

Owning or renting a timeshare is the perfect way to gain some flexibility on your travels. They are generally located in every main tourist destination in the country. If you have a particular place you love to visit every year, buying a timeshare takes the hassle out of booking accommodations. You can also buy a multi-location timeshare which allows for maximum flexibility and multiple locations for your holiday trip.

3. Good Investment

When purchasing a timeshare, it is important to realize that it is an investment, not a sunk cost. If you are unable to use your timeshare, you can sell it, which is much like selling traditional real estate, or rent it out at a premium. Renting it out can even be a profitable enterprise if you have a timeshare during a peak season.

4. Makes a Great Gift

If you are unable to use your timeshare, it can make the perfect gift to friends or family. Birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries are all occasions that require a gift, so make yours stand out from the rest and give the gift of a great vacation. Your relatives will generously thank you.

5. Ability to Exchange

Purchasing a vacation home ties you down to one location. However, if you buy a timeshare, this isn’t a concern. If you own a timeshare, you can easily exchange it for ones in different locations around the country. This can break the monotony of going to the same place every year.

6. Less Maintenance

Contrary to property ownership, timeshares don’t need constant upkeep. No more having to worry about plumbing, painting, or cutting the grass. You also have access to facilities in the timeshare complex. Rather than having to use your own gym equipment or own a pool, you can use the community amenities. It’s just another way to take expenses out and give you more time to relax.

7. Accommodating Large Groups of People

The more people you vacation with, the better a timeshare investment becomes. Since timeshares tend to be larger condos, they can usually accomdate 8 to 12 people. Thus, timeshares are great for large families or a gathering of friends. You can also offset the annual costs of timeshares by dividing it among your guests. That way, it’s cheaper for everyone in the long run.

Today, there are over 190,000 timeshare units available for purchase. If you need help buying, selling, or renting out your timeshare, check out Royal Holiday Timeshares. They offer advice and information from experts, and their prices are 60% retail. So make every year the vacation of a lifetime and buy your timeshare today.

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