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10 Myths About Internet Marketing That Defines Your Success or Failure

10 Myths About Internet Marketing That Defines Your Success or Failure

With the growth of the internet, online marketing has also boomed significantly. However, through the years, many misconceptions and myths about internet marketing have sprouted. While some of these are indeed true, there are those that could cause your efforts to fail if followed. Knowing which is which would greatly help your marketing’s success.

1.      No Need to Put Out Money to Start Your Internet Business Effort

This is one of the most common myths perpetrated by those selling so called “instance income” internet marketing software. Just like any other business effort, you have to put out some capital to kick start your marketing campaign. Note that while it is certainly not free, the capital needed to start your online business operation is smaller when compared with other business operations. Also note that if your internet business involves selling products (tangible or not) you definitely need to shell out a sizeable capital to purchase your initial stock.

2.      Internet Marketing is Easy and Simple

Another myth popularized by people selling supposed effective internet marketing software. This is of course far from the truth. The thing is, while you can start quickly at home with just your PC, internet marketing is going to be far from a walk in the park. In particular, you need to learn the necessary skills to conduct internet marketing successfully, so studying every once in a while is a must.

Also, internet marketing is not a “turn on and leave it” affair. Just like any other business endeavour, you need to regularly keep track of your progress. Also, you have to be constantly on top in case there are problems and issues that needs to be resolved immediately. Even if you already have people working under you, you still have to supervise them properly.

3.   Getting Rich is Quick and Easy Online

If this is the case, then everyone who had started a business online would be millionaires by now. But the reality is more people actually fail with their online businesses than those who do succeed. And this is arguably one misconception that has caused the downfall of many who have tried dabbling in internet marketing.

As have been emphasized already, internet marketing is by no means easy. And this goes the same way with earning a profit online. Just like any other business venture, you need to work for it in order for your online business to earn. Also, contrary to want some products claim, earning from your online business is not overnight and you have to build upon your business to get a sizeable profit.

4.     Facebook is All You Need

Sure, Facebook is the biggest social networking site today and that means that you will been seen by more people. But that does not automatically guarantee that your business will succeed. As it is, to be able to effectively use Facebook, you should know how to successfully integrate it into your marketing campaign.

5.      Email Marketing Is Dead

With social networking sites becoming very popular, some think that sending emails to potential clients is already a thing of the past. However, email marketing is still very much relevant. In fact, if done right, email marketing would prove to be an indispensible component of your marketing efforts.

6.     All Traffic is Good

A popular misconception in the SEO field, as many optimizers think that as long as it gets the site’s ranking in Google’s pages, that’s the end of it. However, if you are not careful on the kind of traffic getting into your site, this could end up affecting it negatively. So it is best that you ensure the quality of traffic that is getting into your site.

7.    The Shorter the Copy, the Better

While there is a certain truth to this, going short on copy is not always a good choice. For one, you end up limiting yourself with the amount of information you can give to customers, remember that the more pieces of information your potential customers have, the more likely they will make a purchase. Of course, you need to ensure that that the copy is compelling no matter how long it is, for people to be interested in reading.

8.      Article Marketing is Already Dead

This myth arose with the introduction of the Panda updates in Google. However, article marketing is still as effective as it used to be. In fact, given the right circumstances, article marketing will surely be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. The key to a successful run is that you should always maintain the quality and readability of your articles.

9.    Never Enter a Saturated Niche

This might seem like a sound advice but it would actually limit the potential markets you can enter. In fact, saturated markets can be quite productive if you know what you are doing. The trick here is you need to offer the market with something new to attract potential customers.

10. Internet Marketing is Only for the Big Companies

This is certainly far from the truth. In reality, internet marketing is open to everyone. However, in order to make it big here, you should always know what you are doing. Learn the strategies that can propel your business forward. Consider smartly that most big companies started small. It is only a matter of time and using the right internet marketing campaign that could help you grow your online business.

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