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How to Send Trust Signals to Potential Online Customers

How to Send Trust Signals to Potential Online Customers

When a customer first encounters your online business, he does exactly the same thing he always does when he visits an unknown conventional storefront – size it up, look around and decide whether or not to buy something from it. He has to be sure of the legitimacy of the business and try to find out if he will get exactly what he needs upon payment. If you want people to buy products or services from your website, you have to do your best to make them find you trustworthy. The following smart ideas are meant to guide you on how to send trust signals to all your potential online customers at all times:

1. Give Your Direct Contact Details
You have to provide your customers with all your vital contact details; otherwise they will find it hard to do business with you. Contact details such as email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses allow your customers to communicate with you and ask relevant questions throughout their purchase processes. As long as they stay in contact with you, they will always feel encouraged and supported, which is very healthy for your business.

2. Have a Professional Domain Name
The main URL or domain name of your business must clarify what your business is all about so as to make it easy for your customers to understandwhat they are looking for. Apart from being short and sounding professional, your domain name should also be easy to remember and associate with your products and services.

3. Use Reputable Payment Options

Online customers are always very cautious when it comes to making payment processing with companies they are not familiar with. To alleviate their fears and give them a peace of mind, ensure you are displaying all relevant trust certification logos such as VeriSign and select a payment processing partner which offers security for both you as the site owner and your customers. There are plenty of payment processors known to offer excellent consumer protection, explaining why they are very popular among many online shoppers.

4. Develop Excellent Privacy and in-House Policies
As you will be collecting vital user data while making online transactions, it is very advisable for you to create a privacy policy showing your customers how you will be handling their private information. Your privacy policy should make them feel secure before they even start doing business with you. To make sure your privacy policy is customer-friendly, ask a professional lawyerto review it for you and make adjustments where necessary. Apart from the privacy policy, your business must have its own in-house rules and regulations to show people how organised you are.

5. Build Partnerships with Recognised Brands
One of the best ways of making people trust your online business is by dealing with various brands they value and respect. You can launch an affiliate online programme allowing other site owners to send sales or leads your way at a commission. The more you get partners or affiliates that trust you enough to do business with you, the more you increase your chances of getting more customers.

6. Make Good Use of Social Media
Apart from having your business website, you should consider having a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account in order to interact with a wide variety ofpotential customers. You not only need to provide updates and useful posts on a regular basis, but you should also allow people to have their say about your products or services by encouraging them to share their comments or feedback.

As much as you would like people to Share, ‘Like’, or Tweet your services or products, you should not push them to do so. Stuffing your site with numerous social media buttons and bombarding people with calls to Like or Share you on Facebook, Circle you, or Follow you on Twitter will not only show people how desperate you are, but will also make them to start questioning your credibility.

After gaining the trust of many potential customers by using the above tips wisely, be sure to have a very reliable and successful online business. For a long-term relationship with your customers, be sure to always treat them well.


This article was written by a London based finance blogger.

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