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Essential Supplies for Your Office

Essential Supplies for Your Office

An efficient office is a well-stocked office. Though the local office supply store may be just around the corner, it’s smart to have a reasonably stocked supply cabinet so that you and your staff can work productively without having to make a last minute run for supplies. Below are a few of the most essential office supplies for your office.

  • Paper – Though the paperless office is an admirable goal, few businesses have been able to go completely paperless. You’ll need a healthy supply sticky pads, notepads, copier paper, and printer paper.
  • Ink, toner, and other printer/copier/fax machine supplies – Again, unless your office has pulled off a truly paperless office initiative, these items are a must. Making sure that these items are in stock could save your office time from having to get these supplies when you need them.
  • Writing instruments – Your team needs quality writing instruments including pens, highlighters, pencils, permanent markers, dry erase markers, and styluses.
  • Filing system and supplies – From file cabinets to hanging folders, file folders, and labels, a well-organized filing system requires plentiful filing supplies. Filing systems should be implemented as soon as possible to avoid the hassle of filing everything at once.
  • Staples, paper clips, and binder clips – Have you ever gone a full day without needing to attach two pieces of paper together? Have you ever desperately needed a staple only to find out that you’re completely out? Your supply cabinet should have plenty of stables and clips on hand because they go fast.
  • Envelopes and postage – Email hasn’t completely killed the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure to have plenty of envelopes and postage on hand. While you’re at it, stock your office supply cabinet with thank you cards and encourage your team to send personal thank you notes as needed.
  • Shipping supplies – Even if your business doesn’t need a dedicated shipping department, you should keep a healthy supply of boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, and other shipping supplies for those times when you must ship items to customers, suppliers, and partners.
  • Phone and tablet docking stations – Keeping electronic gadgets charged is a challenge. Make it easier by equipping each desk with a docking station so your phones and tablets are never out of juice.

Finally, you might also want to invest in a supply cabinet so that all of your essential office supplies are neatly organized and readily accessible to your employees (Source: Solutions Office Interiors).

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