Importance of backing up your online business to the cloud

Importance of backing up your online business to the cloud

Online business owners often get carried away in marketing their products and enjoying the perks of sales and profits. However, they often ignore one of the essentials that determine the success of the business in the long-run – the backup of the website.

Anything can happen to a website during its running tenure. A site can get hacked, the server can malfunction and the webhost can go out of business. All this leads to loss of data in form of images, content and other files generated over the years.

Your hosting company may not take responsibility of backing up your website or may charge an additional amount for doing so. However, it’s always recommended to take a different route for backing up because if you run into problems with the host, your business files can at least stay with you.

Backup up business websites becomes even more important for females. A report from womenonbusiness shows that 65% women entrepreneurs term their website important for their business, but one in four aren’t protected from cyber threats.

Furthermore, 40% of cyber security breaches are against companies under 500 employees, so for a small to medium-sized business, website backups should be one of the top priorities.

When deciding on a backup solution, perhaps the most viable option for online businesses of today is cloud backup. It greatly reduces the risks of the data being lost by storing it on different remote servers. You can quickly access files in case of an emergency. Cloud backup options are also scalable, implying that up-front payments are quite affordable.

Small business owners can also save money if they pay for cloud backup service with the best rewards business credit card or debit card, because rewards will be earned on backup purchases and those rewards can be used to take advantage of additional services for free.

Most backup solutions also prefer credit cards as a form of payment over bank transactions and other ways of depositing. If you’re thinking about getting one made to avoid payment barriers, you should first learn about how to handle credit cards.

Here are some of the companies that specialize in cloud backup solutions

1. CodeGuard

CodeGuard offers two ways to connect your site to their backup server. You can either do this by providing them your ftp/sftp/MySQL information or install the CodeGuard plugin if your website has been developed on WordPress. The service will then make an initial backup of the website, and provide real-time updates while it happens.

The service detects daily changes in files updated on the service. You can configure if you want daily or weekly backups. Restoring the site is easy and requires just a click of a button.

2. Vaultpress

VaultPress provides on-going, real-time synchronization and backups for every files and dashboard settings. This is performed by two different cloud services and the Automattic grid, ensuring the content of the user is never lost.

The service also offers a single-click restore of the entire backup database as well as picks up and backup changes made every day.

3. NodeSquirrel

If your site is made on Drupal instead of WordPress, NodeSquirrel is a better option as it’s exclusively made to backup Drupal-based websites.

The service stores information far away from your server’s terrestrial range.

The digital age is idle to thrive online, but the possibility that your business data can vanish overnight is too big a risk to take.


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