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How To Ensure Your Office Relocation Runs Smoothly

How To Ensure Your Office Relocation Runs Smoothly

There are many varying reasons as to why you may consider relocating your office: not enough space, not the right location or your lease is close to its expiry date. Whatever the reason for the move, any office relocation can be hard to cope with and it can get very confusing as to where to start and where to finish the process of preparing for the big move.

There are lots of different things to consider such as the transferral of all of your office equipment such as computers, desks and chairs and also persuading your staff to relocate with you. If the new premises is a long distance move, you may very well lose excellent members of staff because of it.


The first thing to consider is the reason for moving.  Be sure that the move is something you really want to pursue or really need to progress. You may not like the office you have right now, but be sure that it isn’t a problem that could be resolved with just a lick of paint or updating the furnishings. Once you know that the move is a certainty you will need to inform all of your staff members immediately, as they need enough notice to decide if they wish to relocate with you or if they need to leave the company. This also gives you time to hire other people to replace them if need be.

Talk to your staff and make sure that the move will help to keep your business afloat, or to grow and expand your brand. You also need to tell your current and potential clients as they may be local to you, and they will also need to know that there will be a period of time where you will not be able to do their work for them.

Secondly, there is the task of finding a different location to actually move your company to. You need to make sure that the company can afford the new premises and, more importantly, can afford to keep it until the end of its lease which can vary. You also need to consider how much space you and your workers will need to function sufficiently. An office space planner as well as an office costs calculator can assist you with this. If you are downsizing then you may again have to lose a member of staff if there is a lack of room and/or funds.


Once the new location is found you need to go through all of the new paperwork for the new premises but you will also need to go though all of the paperwork for the old office, settling any debts or agreements with the building before leaving for a new start.

Moving itself is not an easy task as you will need either one very large van or truck to carry all of your equipment or you will need to make a lot of small trips back and forth. This can cost you valuable business time and you need to make sure that everything is well organised and planned out before going ahead with anything. The more delays you have, the more time you will have with no office to do work from, and the less money you will make as a result.

Remember not to panic, it does seem quite a lot to do at first but with the right plans and goals in place you can do it with ease. If it all gets a bit much there are plenty of relocation companies that are professional in their approach and for a reasonable fee can help you get from A to B in no time.

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Charlotte Ellis is a writer and blogger specialising in the business and design sectors. Charlotte works for a number of businesses assisting them in developing their content and currently works with the commercial interior design agency

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