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Big Data: A Win-Win for Tech Sector Workers

Big Data: A Win-Win for Tech Sector Workers

Getting your head around the concept of big data is a bit of a big deal—and a really big career move for professionals considering a move to this field.  Even recent college graduates are beginning to view big data rewarding field that could lead to a rewarding career with great pay.  Yet many people are still trying to understand exactly what big data is and what a big data career might look like.

What is Big Data?

Many professionals are already familiar with traditional data processing and data sets.  Big data is, on the other hand, a collection of data or data sets that go far beyond what traditional data management systems can accommodate.  Involving data analysis on a grand scale, the field has evolved from the astronomical amount of data now contained on the internet.  People generate data every day—every hour.  This data, when effectively analyzed and paired with thousands or millions of other pieces of data, could prove immensely helpful to retail companies, healthcare, and a myriad of other industries.

Challenges of Working with Big Data

While many sources suggest that professionals with a computer science background or mathematical background could transition to a big data career, others assert that even physicists with their combined math and science background could make an ideal fit for the upcoming and coming profession.  The ability to analyze large quantities of data over multiple systems while keeping an eye on the big picture might even be regarded as an art.  A career as a big data scientist or miner could be immensely rewarding for men and women who value a challenging occupation.

Tasks Associated with Big Data Management

People who investigate this career will invariably see certain tasks associated with it.  Working with big data requires capturing, curating, processing, and, of course, discovering new ways to analyze all the data for various considerations. Big data scientists are looked to for information; companies depend on data managers to provide data-driven strategies for moving companies forward, for creating innovation, and, of course, for edging out competition.  In the future, many businesses are likely to rely more deeply on data-driven solutions as they compete on international platforms and grow their companies in this digital age.

A Rewarding Field

Reports suggest that big data management is going to explode into a $300 billion sector.  Yet reports also demonstrate that there are not nearly enough professionals with the current ability to transition to this field.  Consequently, those who begin to make the shift now are likely to be in hot demand.  Because today’s data scientists come from many backgrounds, many people are already in a position to contemplate this exciting career.  People with computer expertise or who have statistical language know-how often transition into data management careers that use big data.  Most data mining jobs begin at about $60,000 but the average range of salary goes as high as $115,000 annually.  If juggling data on a grand scale appeals to you, this might just be the career move you’ve been dreaming about.

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