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Gmail Tabs: What Email Marketers Can Expect

Gmail Tabs: What Email Marketers Can Expect

How does a brand captivate a market?   Online articles, direct mailers, and electronic emails are a few ways.  However, Google recently rearranged email settings of their service, Gmail.

Originally, all sent mail arrived in the same inbox, unless modified by the user according to incoming senders.  Now, the inbox is segmented, offering a main inbox, promotions, social, updates, and forum alerts.

Unfortunately, the segmentation places marketers at a slight disadvantage.  While once all incoming information was set in one place, but now spread, which may lower the number of opened mails, noticed mails, and returned mails or reactions to calls to action.

The renovation may influence intended and estimated actions by recipients.  Consider some things you may expect from the change.

Getting in Front of Customers

Marketing messages need notice; otherwise, they never help facilitate a sale.  Consider aligning your sent emails with software alerting the number of opened emails.  The number is excepted to drop, but if numbers drop incredibly low, it may be time to consider a different marketing approach.

Don’t invest time and money toward a marketing approach that is not providing a good return on investment.  For example, rather than sending emails, consider sending direct mailers  to homes.  While enveloped messages can be dismissed as ‘junk mail,’ postcards, and elements that do not have envelopes may have a better chance of being read and acted upon.

Sharing Content

The social button associated with Gmail alerts users of Google Plus mentions and marketing elements shared directly with them. Now, these alerts, with an exclusive tab, do not make way to the direct inbox, creating an issue for brands sharing produced content.

Consider a widespread use of social media, electing an in-house associate or a third-party marketing service to address social media engagement.  If less people initially take notice, a brand must find alternative methods to alert the target market of brand-associated messages, such as incorporating help via Yodle reviews.

Abandonment or Diversify

What advertising platforms best help a business succeed?  Email, a fantastic method of communication, may need supplement, considering the alteration to Gmail.  It’s not a problem unless a brand refuses to diversify leveraged platforms.  Create personas within your targeted market, better understanding platforms that are likely to grab attention.

Consider what platforms a brand can abandon, then which alternatives offer diversification regarding marketing notions.  Perhaps, a marketing consultant may elucidate which platforms are best for segments of the market, times of year, etc.

Stay in Control

Search engine optimization helps brands gain traction on major search engines, such as Google.  However, it’s important for brands to stay in control of marketing endeavors.  For example, at present, a brand leveraging Gmail is in for a surprise and needs to pivot away from complete reliance.

Imagine if a brand’s only leads came through the Yellow Pages, and then, one day the Yellow Pages ceased to exist.  What would the brand do?  Don’t place all marketing eggs in one basket.  Rather, stay in control; study target markets; diversify used platforms; and, keep marketing initiations nimble and open to modification.

George Wilson is an email marketing expert. He loves to write about the email marketing landscape on marketing blogs.


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  1. Adesanmi Adedotun · August 12, 2013

    Hi Val,

    This is really wonderful, but I wondered why Gmail have to embark on that steps though user have the right to either enable the latest update or not. Thumb up sire!

  2. Usiere @ Financial Freedom Inspiration · August 24, 2013

    Good one. Every thing has an up and down side. Email marketers will need to study the impact and adjust according, but I think this is a good one for users. One thing that used to piss me off with Gmail was not being able to sort incoming mail to folders, so that I can focus on direct mails, and then go visit the other folders when I am done

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