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Things To Compare When Choosing An Electric Company

Things To Compare When Choosing An Electric Company

When you move into a new home and want to set up an account with an electricity company, you don’t want to be stuck with a supplier that will charge you inordinate amounts of money. For many homeowners, their electric bill is a place where they can save big; they just don’t realize they can accomplish this by simply researching different electric companies in their area. When you are on the market for a new electric company, here are the top four things you should compare between each supplier.

Compare rates

For most people, their electric bill is one of the most expensive utility costs that they pay for every month. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. When you are looking into opening up a new account with an electric company, compare the rates each company offers. While each may offer rates in roughly the same price range, don’t underestimate what a small reduction in what you are charged for every kilowatt can do for your bill. Some companies, like Plymouth Rock Energy for example, offer customized pricing solutions for their services while even offering customization, which keeps their operational costs and other features tacked onto your bill low.

Compare the type

Many individuals are surprised that there are several different types of electricity out there. You may be shocked to find out that your current electricity provider uses a different type than another supplier. One popular type of electricity that many suppliers are turning to is called “green” electricity. Green electricity is derived from several different renewable resources like wind. However, many electricity companies still stick to traditional types of electricity that come from other natural resources such as coal. If being an environmentally friendly household is important to you, consider going with an electric company that specializes in environmentally conscious forms of electricity.

Compare contracts

Before you commit to an electric company, make sure you are signing a contract that works well with your situation. Many companies require you to sign a twelve month contract when you open up a new account while others may want you to sign a contract that lasts as long as twenty four months. When you are in the process of signing up, make sure that the electric company you decide upon cannot raise your rate during the agreed upon length of your contract.

Compare customer service

Mistakes happen. You may find one day that you log on to pay your electric bill for the month and there are too many zeroes at the end of your bill amount. While this is an issue that is easily remedied, you want to be sure that your electricity provider can take care of any mistakes or problems you encounter in a friendly and professional manner. The level of customer service an electricity company offers is definitely something to compare. When you are out looking for a new supplier, compare how you were treated by each individual company. While the rate of one electric provider may be extremely low, their shoddy customer service may not be worth the lower rate.

If you are looking into changing your electric company, comparing what each one will charge you, contract length, and customer service may not only save you money, but time and hassle.

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