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4 Tips to Optimize Your Campaign for Paid Search and E-Commerce

4 Tips to Optimize Your Campaign for Paid Search and E-Commerce

Paid search made quite a significant impact in the eCommerce market. For many years, online marketers were able to draw an increase of their sales online using paid search campaign as a marketing strategy. Whether this is a marketing scheme that is sustainable will depend upon your ability of embarking to an effective paid search marketing to attain your goals right. Your success will basically depend on how you make your paid search more appropriately to make it a worthwhile and productive endeavor to boost your eCommerce business performance. If you are already in paid search marketing or is planning to do it as part of your online marketing campaign, it helps to keep in mind these 4 golden rules to optimize its results.

1.      Integrate paid search with social media


The value of social media is very crucial in paid search. Although social and search are the different values that produce a different effect in your eCommerce business, they are important driving forces that you should leverage your marketing efforts from to get better results. Social media is undoubtedly a powerful medium that allows marketers to communicate with their target population and give a sales pitch to promote their brand. It is more about building social relations that will boost the trust and confidence of your target consumers to your products and services. As a secondary result, social media will increase your sales in the process.


The use of paid search is primarily for the purpose of directly driving sales for your business, generate leads and to create a conversion. It does not at all help in building the branding that you desire to grow your business. This is where social marketing becomes valuable to your marketing campaign. It generally provides you an opportunity to boost your brand and reputation through the social medium and communicate your brand to others in a manner that a simple textual ad cannot do in paid search marketing. Thus, both social and paid search marketing should complement one another in your marketing efforts.

2.      Strengthen your PPC ad rank


By simply relying on how much you can afford to pay for each click on your paid search is not a reliable factor for Google to increase your ad rank in the search engine. Google’s policy requires that marketers should include relevant results on their bids for a keyword that must be related to their business. Bidding forms only a fraction of the necessary things that should be undertaken in order to optimize your paid search results. A key to driving better results from your paid search is to increase the relevance of your ad to the Google search queries made by online users like netspysoftware. Writing relevant textual ad will yield a better result that will match the search made by Google users in this case and you will find your ad being rewarded by Google with a higher search rate.

3.      Optimize your paid search ads


You need to exert some extra effort in order to make your ads more relevant to search engine users. One way of doing this is to use keywords that are relevant and closely associated with the same theme or ad group. Work your way of building your ad’s relevance to search by using these keywords in your website content or blog sites. You can refine a list of keywords that will be best for your niche and paid search and then write articles using these keywords to further optimize its visibility on the search engine. Make sure that these keywords are within the same theme as your paid search ad to yield positive results.

4.      Optimize your landing page


Your landing page should also be taken with high consideration because people clicked on your paid ads with the expectation of getting what your ads have promised them. It is important that your landing pages should deliver and address what your target customers expect to get from your eCommerce business. Because conversion is part of your paid search and social media marketing campaign, your landing page is capable of driving your visitors to convert. Otherwise, a poorly created landing page will result in a loss on your expected conversion rate and potential revenue. Using analytic tools will be very helpful in monitoring the performance of your landing page to optimize your paid search conversion through your landing page

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