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Is hot desking in Hong Kong an ideal strategy for your business?

Is hot desking in Hong Kong an ideal strategy for your business?

There are plenty of business hubs in Hong Kong that already offer fully serviced and fully equipped workstations. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective model that will suit your startup or small business, then you can set off with some hot desking services for now. With a fixed desk, you can use a practical workspace in an instant.

How can hot desking benefit your business?

The concept behind the use of a “hot desk” is ideally suited towards those who are managing small companies or just starting out in the industry. It can also complement those who consider themselves as entrepreneurs or freelancers. It is generally used by those who find flexibility in their time, while taking into consideration the cost of keeping expenditures at a minimum. Now, having a fixed desk also helps both professionals and businesses to experience paying just a fraction of a cost, as opposed to buying or renting a traditional office space (fixed property).

Hot desking Hong Kong is something that can benefit both professionals and businesses, as each one can enjoy the mobility that it offers. Having a fixed desk also provides working flexibility, as it offers a workplace that you’ll surely have need for. You can just walk in, sit down, plug your computer and start working in your own private space! Now, the package inclusions may still vary. But you’ll surely be able to use some of the basic office tools (i.e. desk with phone line and wireless Internet connection) and support services.

Affordable payment terms

Payment terms are generally affordable when occupying a hot desk. You won’t have to worry about paying for set monthly contracts, as most managed centers will allow you to pay what you’ll only be using for a desired time (“pay as you use” basis). Short-term leases are being offered in this arrangement, while you do your business in a prime location. Moreover, the business hub that you’ll get to partner with has already made the initial investment on infrastructure. This move allows you to use a fully equipped desk without having to spend too much on your initial capital investment.

How hot desking works

A hot desk is a temporary office alternative that offers an accessible location. It’s also an office arrangement that simply operates on different shifts. Given that, you won’t have to compete with anyone for a fixed desk or get distracted in the process. Also, workers who are mobile and aren’t tied down to their desks all day long can avail of this workstation as well.

Now, as opposed to having or renting a fixed property (something that you need to furnish and initially spend for), having a shared desk already offers facilities and equipment that you don’t need to pay for 24/7. You get to maximize your resources and just pay for what you need to use. Of course, should you decide to make an upgrade on your package, you can also enjoy the use of other amenities such as the use of conference facilities, business lounges and cafes.

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