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Title- 10 things to know about a tax lawyer

Title- 10  things to know about a tax lawyer

Looking for a tax lawyer? Learn these few things about the tax lawyer so that you make an informed decision while hiring a lawyer for you.

1.       The disputes over taxes are heard in special state tax court, federal tax court and other courts, so in order to present your case in the court the tax lawyer should be licensed to practice in these special tax courts.

2.       The tax attorney should have a good knowledge about tax and everything related to it so that he can guide you about different business structures in case you want to form a business. Businesses like sole proprietorship, partnership or other have different tax implications. A good tax lawyer can direct you to the business structure best for you.

3.       As you know filing tax returns is very important for business as well as individuals. Tax attorneys will help you file tax returns which are in accordance with IRS rules.

4.       When it comes to international business, tax lawyers can make it easy for you to import and export goods. Even if you hire employees internationally, tax attorneys can make it simpler for you to deal with special rules that apply. He will also make sure that his client do not overpay or underpay the taxes.

5.       The tax law and the entire system in US is complex and it is difficult for one to understand them without getting in detail with the subject. The tax attorney is thorough with the tax codes and how the tax system works. He has the ability to comprehend the legal language and procedures that follow.

6.       Tax attorneys can also help you understand the Internal Revenue System including the refund. The IRS attorney makes sure that his client claims the IRS while abiding by the law.

7.       In auditing, the IRS checks if the tax returns are as per the law or not. For the clients who are audited, the IRS attorney will help you go through the audit and also guide you on how to answer the IRS auditor.

8.       Tax deductions allow you to reduce the income tax liability as well as the amount you pay as tax.  As a matter of fact you are charged with fine and penalty if these deductions are found illegal. The tax lawyer will work to maximize legal deductions so that you can save on taxes.

9.       When appealing to the city assessor about your dissatisfaction on value place on your property you can get the help from local officials. However if you are still discontented with the property tax assessment then you can take the case to state court with the help of tax attorney.

10.   The most widespread reason of hiring a tax attorney is when you are accused of tax fraud. When the government accuses you of not paying taxes, filing a wrong return or hiding taxable assets then you might be charged with expensive fraud penalties or crime. In this case you should immediately reach to a good tax attorney.

I am sure these 10 tips will help you decide the best tax lawyer for you.

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