Seven Surprising Business Productivity Tips That Work Wonders

Seven Surprising Business Productivity Tips That Work Wonders

There seem to be endless tips about being productive, but most of them focus on general things like sleeping eight hours a night and eating lots of healthy food. However, there are a number of productivity tips that you may find slightly surprising, and here are seven of them.

1. Use Social Media

We are constantly hearing about how companies are banning their staff from using social media at work. However, it could actually be a good idea for boosting productivity. You could allow your employees to access their accounts for a certain amount of time each day to keep them happy and this could help to make them more productive. Or you could encourage them to post on the company’s social media account instead, which can be a good way to publicize your business.

2. Listen to Music

The idea of letting your employees listen to music while they work may seem odd, but it could really help to have a positive effect on their productivity levels. Music can be a strong motivator, so it is certainly worth experimenting with it to find out if it boosts your employees’ productivity.

3. Surf the Web

Wasting time browsing websites may be frowned on by many bosses, but it could actually help to keep employees motivated. By allowing your workers to take five minutes every hour to simply browse online you can help to keep them motivated and happy because it breaks up the day for them.

4. Give Up

If you find a task incredibly dull, you may feel like you have to carry on with it anyway. However, this could be the wrong way to go about it. If you’re not in the right frame of mind, don’t plough through something but simply put it aside if possible and get back to it when you are feeling more motivated.

5. Put Off Tasks

If you are one of those people who writes down tasks to complete in order of importance, you may constantly find yourself staring at the most difficult task first thing in the day, which puts you off doing anything at all.

Instead, put off doing the difficult tasks to later. Whatever line of business you work in, from running a creative agency to a janitorial supplies business, focus on a few easier tasks to get the day off to a good start, then tackle the more important tasks when you feel ready for them.

6. Do Less Work

Common knowledge tells us that working more and working harder is the only way to get more things done. However, this may not be true. Another school of thought is that by actually working less, you spend more effort choosing the most important things to focus on, and therefore actually get more done.

7. Fail More Often

Failure is one of the biggest motivating factors there is, as long as you know how to take it. Rather than looking at a rejection or a failure as something negative, try to think of it as something positive to drive you on to greater things.

Become More Productive Today

These are just a few of the more surprising productivity tips that you can consider doing. Different things work for different people, but these are certainly worth trying out yourself or introducing to your employees. They may seem odd at first, but they could turn out to make a significant improvement to your productivity levels.

Michael Ferguson has run his own business for two decades now. When he’s got free time, he likes to share his experiences with others on the Internet.

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