To Sell a Business is like Selling a Home

To Sell a Business is like Selling a Home

The key word in the title here is home, not house but home. When people are buying out an existing business they are not looking for something that is squeaky clean and new. If they were, they’d most likely start from scratch themselves. They are looking instead for a business that has been lived in for a while, that has its marketing strategy in place, a regular accountant, returning custom, maybe even a team of employees, equipped offices and headquarters. People looking to buy generally know what they are after and are good at weeding out businesses that are claiming to be something that they are not.

What you need to do to attract these people is decide what your businesses best features are and get them on display loud and proud. If you have really low running costs, a well maintained website and a killer social marketing campaign then advertised these facts first as this is what will attract buyers initially. You then have to draw them in further with the positive details of your business and of course your warm personality and friendly nature. Don’t underestimate the power of getting on well and getting close to your potential buyers.

It is also beneficial to look at the weakest elements in your business and consider how to improve these areas in a cost and time effective manner to boost your businesses worth to others. For example, you may think it is easier to pay your employees cash in hand but most business owners are turning away from this old fashioned method of payment in favour of something that is traceable. If they see your business doesn’t already do this they may be concerned about the costs of implementing such a system. Don’t let them worry about it, do your research and install it yourself!

If you are selling your business then it is essential that your pride and joy is looking as attractive to the outside world as it does to you. Before advertising that your business is for sale, get it professionally assessed and seek advice from a reputable company such as Axis Partnership Ltd. An outside party can assess your business and advise on the best strategies to move forward with your sale.

In summary, boast about your positives, boost your negatives up to positives and seek professional advice and you’ll no doubt have a successful sale. Good luck!

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